Muslim Forum for Unity Conveys Advice Ahead of Presidential Election

Jakarta, MINA – Delegation of Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah)’s led by Imaam Yakhshallah Mansur delivered advice for unity of the nation, especially ahead of the announcement of Indonesian Presidential Election on next 22nd May.

The advice was delivered to the Editor-in-Chief of Republika, Irfan Junaidi in his office, Jakarta, Monday. “Our hope is that this nation will remain united, not to be divided because of political affairs,” said Imaam Yakhsya.

Imaam Yakhsya also gave a book that he wrote to Irfan entitled “Advice for Believers”. The book reviews the recent problems of Ummah, including politics.

Meanwhile, Irfan Junaidi welcomed the advice and would disseminate it to all Indonesian people through the media he leads.

Here is the content of Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah)’s advice:

First,The awareness of noble goals have been actually finished in the Preambule of 1945 Constitution.

It was strengthened by mutual understanding and compromise between all components of the nation’s sons and daughters. Do not prioritize personal and group interests but prioritize goodness, to the prosperity and safety of all parties.

Second, the harmonious relationship between all components of the people must be maintained and protected from various factors that can damage it. Among the destructive factors are lies, cheating and suspicion.

To save Indonesia, what is needed now is to build honesty, sincerity and brotherhood instead of pursuing unilateral victory. Essential victory is a victory for all parties who demand all components of the nation’s sons and daughters. They have to sacrifice their ego, personal and group interests or power and self-determination.

Third, we call on Muslims as the biggest component of Indonesian nation to be the best model in all occasions and to not be easily provoked to do things that damage the moral.

Islamic believers must be strong and reinforcing each other, so that they do not become victims in the fight of politicians who often use Muslims as mere vehicles and when their interests are achieved, they are usually left behind.

Fourth, we must remind Muslims in particular and all Indonesian people to always be aware of enemies who launched attacks in secret or vulgar to destroy the unity of Indonesian people.

We must learn from the history of our own nation and what happened in the Middle East such as Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria which were destroyed by debris because of inter-group wars as the result of conspiracies from outside and inside the country.

Fifth, let us think clearly and open eyes and hearts to be able to reap the pearls of wisdom from various tests and admonition that politics and various systems cannot be used as means to implement noble Islamic Sharia as manifestations of Allah’s mercy or love for universe.

This is the best time for Muslims to be more serious in applying Islamic ways to all affairs they manage, so that the promises of Allah (glory of Islam) can be achieved.

Sixth, to the scholars, community leaders, religious leaders from various institutions, we invite to be more active in participating to create a safe, peaceful and good situation and build maturity.

We appeal Ulama to work hard based on piety (taqwa) and fear of Allah to save this nation and establish togetherness in congregation to reject all slanders.

Finally, let us pray that Allah Robbal ‘alaamiin protects Indonesian people from all conflicts and hatred that leads to destruction.

May Allah devoting His love and mercy to the people of Indonesia and help us to solve every test and attaining glory under the auspices of His forgiveness and pleasure, aamiin. (T/Sj/P1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)