Privacy Policy

Cookies and other technologies

A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s computer related to information about that user. We use session ID cookies, which means that when the user closes the browser, the cookie is deleted. Cookies are also used for session management on our website. Users must enable cookies to use our website.

Users can also use cookies to remember their passwords so that they can automatically log in on our site. We do not and will not use cookies to collect personal information from any users not intended to be communicated to us.

IP Addresses stores IP (Internet Protocol) address, or location of your computer on the Internet, for system administration and troubleshooting purposes. We use the overall IP address (aggregate) to know the locations that access our site.

Log Files

Log data is only used in aggregate form (whole) to analyze our web usage.

Statistical Analysis can analyze statistics, demographics and marketing of its users and customers as well as the habits and patterns of use that occur for product development and attract advertisers to user habits. We also use this information to allow ads more targeted to users. may also share user information with companies in Mahaka Media group for analysis purposes, including analysis to improve customer relationships.

Products and Services

Regularly, we will provide various information and offer other products and services to our readers. This information will only be shared internally. You may choose not to accept these offers.

Banner Ad

We may use our demographic and preferences information to allow advertising on our websites to be more targeted. This means users can see ads that only appeal to them, and advertisers can deliver messages only to the right targets for their products. This improves the user experience and the effectiveness of the ads. We only pass information to third parties in aggregate format (whole)

User Generated Content (Forums, Communities, Publics)

We offer many facilities for readers in some areas of our site. Any information that you submit and publish in forums along with a username (screen name or ID), is in a public area and may be used by for promotional purposes across online and offline media. For more information, please see User Agreement in our respective facilities and services.