Open Letter to President Emmanuel Macron

By: Ustaz Hadi Winarto, Indonesian Scholar, Social and Political Observer

To Your Excellency, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron

I started the Open Letter by reciting Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim. In the “basmallah” there are lessons about true love.

I wrote his letter because I still have the love and affection for you, as it was taught by the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH), the scholars, and founders of Indonesian. I am a Muslim, and I grateful to Allah, I was born in a country that has the basis “Belief in God”, a peaceful country with various religions, ethnic groups, cultures, mass organizations, political parties and all of them uphold the value of love and world compassion, unity, peace and tolerance.

After having the midnight prayer, I though that I have to write this Open Letter, worrying that the same incidents of insulting Prophet Muhammad PBUH would continue and spread repeatedly to various countries that had not properly and correctly understood the teachings which brought by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

I believe this Open Letter is protected by the Law on Human Rights in International and National levels, regarding the freedom of speech.

Responding to your speech which stated that caricature of the Prophet Muhammad as a freedom of speech had created uproar in various parts of the world with demonstrations and boycotts actions of any products from your country.

In my opinion, your speech may caused by the lack of literacy and understanding toward the figure of the Prophet Muhammad and the teachings which he carried.

Your Excellency, President Macron, leader reflected the people of the nation or at least the people who voted him. Off course, you your self must be responsible for the speech you delivered.

Once again, because of my love to you and also the people you lead, I hope you realize your mistakes, than apologize, and correct your mistakes by creating an atmosphere of peaceful, serene, full and true love.

I suggest you to seek complete and holistic literacy about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. You can ask historians, ulemas, experts, linguists writers who have acknowledged the role of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in world civilization.

I think you can understand quickly and correctly, of course, with your intelligence and sincere.

Your Excellency, President Macron.

Of course, you have advisors who are able to help you to analyze with advanced science, methods and technology.

So, let me fulfill my obligation as a follower of the Prophet Muhammad, to show you the truth, how much and how wide influence of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in this globe.

What I want to tell you are:

1. Did you know that the name of the Prophet Muhammad SAW was juxtaposed with the name of Allah and was chanted every time alternately from various countries in the world without stopping, lasting until the end of time or the destruction of the earth and the universe, then if you are really great, can you stop the sound of the Adhan at any time from all over the world, stopping the creed in prayer from all over the world ?

2. Do you know that with the sound of Adhan is maintaining the balance energy of this universe?. From those, you and all human beings are alive with Allah’s grace through the energy of adhan and prayer. Try to search and examine honestly and openly how much influence the energy of Adhan and prayer for the survival of the world life. Many experts have proven it or you can do your own research.

3. How glorious are the teachings which brought by the Prophet Muhammad, especially about tolerance, peace, compassion and true love. He provides examples with great character. When he was hurt, insulted and reviled but he responded with kindness and patience. I suggest you to read the biography and life story of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

4. I told you not to provoke the anger of Muslims because, every Muslims love Allah and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad. Their love for Prophet Muhammad is greater than everithing in the world. Every Muslims surrender his soul and body to prove his love to Prophet Muhammad and it will not be extinguished until their life of the world ends.

5. In the midst of pandemic that has spread to all sides of the world with all impacts in various aspects. Now you stated a controversial speech which caused demonstrations and boycott acts. Don’t you not think your speech add to problems of the world?

6. After you have done logical analysis, received input from various world leaders, advisors, I hope you sincerely apologize for the mistakes you have done. Furthermore, you should make improvements for welfare, justice, world peace and stop actions that cause world chaos.

7. If you have done point 6, I proudly invite you to come to Indonesia and I will give you the most expensive book in the world priced  $100 million, entitled “SUPER VVIP WAYS FOR THE WORLD.”

Your Excellency President Macron.

Actually, I still have a lot things to say, but I think it is enough, the seven important points above arepriorities for you.

However, there are still many good programs that can run without insulting Prophet Muhammad PBUH or any figures.

You can create advanced technology, robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help humans, but you cannot create humans, minds, hearts and love, nor you cannot extinguish the spirit of Islamic ummah to love and defend the glory of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

So the most important for a leader is a noble, world-class character, not just being able to be a boss.

Let’s change our mindset not to enjoy happiness above the suffering of others, let’s stop exploiting fellow humans with any systems and tricks.

The Holy Al-Quran states, “And we did not send you (Muhammad), but to be a mercy for all the worlds”.

Your Excellency, President Emmanuel Macron, I pray to Allah The Almighty,  may you receive guidance, have the right belief and do beneficial things for all people.

It is time for the world to be led by people who are intelligent, have sincerity, are full of compassion and are able to think clearly and lead their people to a truly happy life.

Best regards,

Hadi Winarto

(A/ Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)