Muslim Cleric Underlines Five Reasons to Live United to Obtain Mercy and Avoid Bad Things

Jakarta, 21 Muharram 1438/22 october 2016 (MINA) – The Imaam of Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah), a forum or Islamic movement that is non-political based in Indonesia, Yakhsyallah Mansur has explained  five reasons and benefits why Muslims should live  in congregation or united under a sole Imamate or leadership.

He made the remarks in front of the congregation of Jama’ah Muslimin in the village of Gaya Baru, Seputih Surabaya Subdistrict, Central Lampung , Friday (21/10) night.

According to Yakhsyallah, the first reason is to realize Islamic brotherhood among Muslims.

“It’s impossible to realize ukhuwah Islamiah or Islamic brotherhood without practising the live in unity, as Al-Quran clearly mentioned in Surah Ali-Imran. This verse sent down when Islam experienced a disunity crisis between Aus and Khazraj tribes,” he said.

The second reason, he continued, is in order to prevent Muslims from disasters and slander life.

“This has been described in the Quran surah Al-Anfal verse 73, If you do not do so,  then there will be chaos on earth and tremendous devastation,” he said.

A further reason or third, with a living in congregation we could find a solution to any problems that befall all ummah.

Messenger Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) answered questions from Hudhayfah (a believer and sahabah) when he asked about evil things happened to people, the prophet pbuh said ‘hold Muslim congregation and their imaams (khalifa),” he said.

The Fourth, he said, this kind of living resulted more grace from Almighty God As the last reason, Muslim would be able to apply whole sharia rules.

“If we want to enforce Islamic law, then we must come together in a congregation, with the congregation the Islamic sharia can be upheld completely or kaffah,” he said.

“Therefore, Muslims should always be united in a congregation with one person as Imaam or leader, because Muslims are essentially a solid and united community,” he concluded. (L/R04/R07)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)