Millions of Indonesian Gather in Jakarta Calls for a Boycott of Israel

Grand Action of the Indonesian People's Alliance to Defend Palestine at Monas, Jakarta, Sunday (5/11/2023). (Photo: MINANEWS TV)

Jakarta, MINA – Millions of people from across religions took part in the Grand Action of the Indonesian People’s Alliance to Defend Palestine at National Monument in Jakarta on Sunday.

This activity resulted in six positions which were read out by Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Chairman for Cooperation and Foreign Relations Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, Confucian representative Chandra Setiawan, Permabudhi representative, and MUI Chairman Muhammad Cholil Nafis.

The statement was conveyed in writing by Prof. Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim to the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al Shun who was present at the grand action.

Meanwhile, other figures include the Chair of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, the two-time Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, M Jusuf Kalla, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, the Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, and the Chair of the Indonesia-Palestine Friendship Initiative Prof. Din Syamsudin, Grand Imam Istiqlal KH Mosque. Nasaruddin Umar.

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Following are the six attitudes of the Grand Action of the Indonesian People’s Alliance to Defend Palestine:

In the name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, pay close attention to the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, Palestine, due to Israeli Zionist aggression, cruelty and tyranny which has caused thousands of victims, including women, children, medical personnel and journalists, damage to public infrastructure both schools and hospitals, as well as places of worship, both mosques and churches, for the sake of just and civilized humanity, we who gather in the Indonesian People’s Alliance to Defend Palestine, express the following position.

1. Demand that the war be stopped immediately and that an international investigation into the crimes against humanity and war committed by Israel be carried out to be submitted to the International Court of Justice.

2. For the sake of humanity, peace and justice, we strongly oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestine. and strongly condemn the politics of apartheid, genocide, holocaust and terrorism that Israel continues to carry out, we call on the governments of Islamic countries and Arab countries to cancel diplomatic relations and/or not open diplomatic relations with Israel until the sovereign state of Palestine stands firm.

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As a form of solidarity with Palestine, Indonesia, as a nation that loves peace and justice, should boycott and not buy Israeli products, clothing, food and drinks that donate to Israel.

3. We appreciate the UN for its decisions and resolutions regarding Israel, among other things, as a serious human rights violator. However, the UN needs to take real and firm steps in enforcing its resolution by eliminating the veto power of the country which displays double standards on the Palestinian issue.

4. We support with appreciation Indonesia’s firm and consistent stance since President Bung Karno (Soekarno) until now the era of President Joko Widodo who rejects Israel and supports an independent Palestine

5. Appreciating the firm diplomatic stance taken by Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, both at the OIC Summit forum and the UN session.

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We encourage the Indonesian government to further encourage collaboration between OIC member countries, ASEAN, together with countries such as Russia, China, Bolivia which have taken a stand on Israel. Expressing gratitude to all parties who help the Palestinian people through demonstrations, opinions, funds and prayers.

I hope that all of this can open the conscience of the world and save humanity and common sense to help open the doors to the hearts and policies of the international world for the presence of justice and peace in the Middle East region to all corners of the world with an independent Palestine, and the Israeli colonialists gone from the earth.

6. Calling on people of various religions to offer prayers to God Almighty to give physical and spiritual strength to the Palestinian people in enduring suffering and realizing the independence of the nation and state. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)