Imaam Yakhsyallah: So Wide Correlation of Al-Quran Verses with Health

Jakarta, MINA – Imaam Yakhsyallah Mansur said that there is a very wide correlation between the verses of the Quran and health.

Imaam Yakshyallah stated this at the webinar for the launch of the book “Mutiara Al-Qur’an untuk Kesehatan ” in the series of the MINA Muharram Festival in Jakarta on Saturday.

In a book published by MINA Publishing House he explains, Islam as a guide for all phases of life is very concerned with general principles of medicine and health.

He gave an example of how the benefits of rain for health, as described in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 22.

“The Muslim Imam even narrates a hadith about rainwater being healthy,” said the regular writer at the MINA News Agency.

In fact, he continued, halal sex is also healthy,

Other things described in the book include health with infaq and prayer, health secrets in prostration, the benefits of making love to health, the impact of divorce on health, and the benefits of cupping.

At the event, the Muhyiddin Hamidy Award 1443 was also given to the Most Productive and Inspirational Writer published in the MINA News Agency.

The Muhyiddin Hamidy Award is an event to motivate journalists, figures, writers and columnists to work more in their writings.

The name of the Muhyiddin Hamidy Award itself is taken from the name of the founder, general leader and first editor-in-chief of MINA, H. Muhyiddin Hamidy (1933-2014).

The MINA News Agency was established in 2012, which is a general news agency based on Islamic values ​​published in three languages ​​(Indonesian, Arabic and English). (T/RE1)

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