“Hidden is More Immense” Investigative Program Reveals Secret Information about Israeli Prisons

By: Muhammad Shaaban, MINA’s Contributor in Gaza

In a time the Israeli occupation tries to hide it’s continuous crimes against Palestinian, Al-Jazeera channel played it’s role in revealing these crimes to the world, and proving the incredibility of the occupation as usual.

The “The Hidden is More Immense ” program, which was broadcast by Al-Jazeera on the evening of Friday, November 5, revealed secret information about the prisoners and prisons administration file. In addition, it sent powerful messages to Israeli occupation, Palestinian resistance, and Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails.

In details, the episode revealed a video for a movement calling itself “Freedom”, in which it announced that it had kidnapped two Israeli officers outside Palestine, while carrying out a secret security mission outside Israel.

The first one is David Perry, who said he was a man with secret missions in the “Elad” settlement association, and the other is David Ben Rousey, who was identified as a chemical expert.

The movement said that the two men were kidnapped in two separate operations, without revealing the location of the kidnapping or detention.

One of the two men said, “I’m David Ben Rosie, and this is David Perry; we are Israelis, and we are here asking for help. As you see, we are in a terrible situation. My friend Mr. Perry is in poor health, and we have nothing to do here, please we need help.”

The program showed a photo published by the “Freedom” movement including David Perry’s passport and a photo of his identity card showed that he is from the Ma’ale Adumim settlement in the occupied Jerusalem.

The program also showed pictures of David Perry moments before his kidnapping while he was in disguise, and quoted the kidnapping movement saying that it had succeeded in transporting him after his arrest to a safe place.

While Israeli occupation tries to be blind to the prisoner file, new development appeared in this file. According to the episode, the kidnappers linked the fate of the Israelis to the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

It’s noteworthy that the number of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons is 4,850 Palestinian prisoners. Those prisoners suffer from the systematic Israeli violations and suppression, about which the program presented many images.

According to the statistics of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, among the prisoners in the Israeli jails there are 43 women, and 225 children.

Images Reveal Israeli Prisons Administration’s Brutal Crimes Against Prisoners

The suffering of Palestinian prisoners is not only about depriving their right of freedom, but also about the brutal systematic violations against them. However, the Israeli occupation hides it’s crimes and violation and continues these inhuman practices in a place far from the outer world.

The Hidden is More Immense program published on Al-Jazeera satellite channel, this Friday evening, exclusive audio recordings of prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons documenting their suffering, after six of them escaped from Gilboa prison, last September, as well as details of the Israeli attacks on prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019.

In the details, one of the prisoners said in an audio recording broadcast by the program (The Hidden is More Immense), “We live in the worst conditions known to mankind, and prisons.”

According to the audio recording, the prisoner sent a message to Muhammad al-Deif, the commander-in-chief of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in which he said, “We hope that the resistance will heal our chests in a new deal.”

Another prisoner in Gilboa prison confirmed, during an audio recording, that the occupation prisons administration suppressed all prisoners in the prison, on the pretext that there is no law now, after the escape of the six prisoners.

In the same context, the program published leaked footage showing brutal attacks and shootings of Palestinian prisoners in the Negev desert prison in 2019, in addition to revealing the identities of Israeli officers and soldiers involved in these attacks.

In turn, the released prisoner, Nizar Shehadeh, said in the episode, “The Occupation’s prisons administration suppressed prisoners in the Negev prison during 2019 from 10 pm until 5 am without stopping.”

Shehadeh added: “During the suppression of prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019, the prisoners were dragged after beating them to the ground and the police dogs climbed on their bodies.”

The program shared the names and photos of Israeli officers who participated in the torture of Palestinian prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019.

It indicated that some of the officers who participated in the attack on prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019 were identified as “Amnon Yehavi”, “Oron Dramore”, “Shumiel Al-Kyam”, “Avi Abraha” and “Yeniv Deviker”.

Occupation Denies Kidnapping Two Israeli Officers

Jackie Hoggy, a reporter for the Israeli occupation army radio, responded to what was stated in the program “The Hidden is More Immense”, on Al-Jazeera channel, on the last Friday, which revealed the kidnapping of two Israelis who were outside Palestine, and that Israel did not address this issue.

Houji said in a tweet on his Twitter account, “Ashamed of those who planned this shameful act, and shame on those who broadcast it. It is all a false fabrication that harms the credibility of the Arab media, and exploits the feelings of the masses.”

The Israeli reporter denied the existence of any Israeli who had been kidnapped, pointing out that the video that was broadcast is old and has been circulating for two years or more, pointing out at the same time that it is clear that the two prisoners do not know how to speak Hebrew.

For his part, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, “We deny the news reported by Al-Jazeera yesterday on the program The Hidden is More Immense about the kidnapping of two Israeli officers. The two people presented in the report are not Israelis and have nothing to do with Israel.”

Palestinian Factions Comments

In a time Israeli occupation denied the news of kidnapping two of its officers, Palestinian factions expressed their pride for such work, calling for moving towards activating the prisoners file and release the Palestinian prisoners as soon as possible.

The Islamic Resistance Movement, “Hamas”, commented on the painful scenes that appeared in the program, as the movement’s spokesman, Hazem Qassem, confirmed that they will keep their promise to the Palestinian prisoners that they will do all their efforts to break the restrictions on the prisoners and take away their freedom.

He added, “This is our duty towards the heroic prisoners. As we lived through the Wafaa Al-Ahrar exchange deal ten years ago, the resistance will be able to repeat this great achievement.”

For his part, the leader of Hamas, Mushir al-Masri, said in a statement, “The era of resistance continues that the number of the Zionist prisoners will increase.”

“The nation’s contribution to the liberation of prisoners is a religious and national responsibility, and the occupation must not feel safe in our Arab region,” he added.

A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad Movement in the West Bank, Tariq Ezz El-Din, said, “What was revealed by the “The Hidden is More Immense” program, which was broadcast by Al-Jazeera, is just a small part of the suffering of our prisoners in the occupation’s prisons.”

In a press statement on Friday, Ezz El-Din called on the media to do more to reveal the extent of the terrorism and aggression perpetrated by the occupation against Palestinian prisoners.

He continued: “In addition to the suffering of the prisoners, they also record the most wonderful tournaments, and draw epics of steadfastness that history records with pride. There are many evidences, most notably the heroic and legendary work recorded by the leader Mahmoud Al-Ardah and his companions who humiliated the prison administration and broke its prestige, as well as the victory achieved by the prisoners of the movement Jihad against the occupation.”

At the end, the prisoners file is still an important and sensitive file in the Palestinian issue, and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza work seriously on this file to release the Palestinian prisoners from inside the Israeli jails. Despite the procrastination of the Israeli occupation in working seriously on this file, the message of the Palestinian resistance and Palestinian prisoners is still the most powerful, proving that the way to freedom is very closed. (A-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)