During Ramadan, Turkish Charities Provide Food Aid to Yemen

Istanbul, MINA – When Yemen facing conflict with one of the world worst humanitarian disasters, several Turkish charities this month of Ramadan is providing aid to the needy in the country.

The food aid will be more meaningful to a population that partly relies on humanitarian aid, especially since food prices have risen drastically.

Totally, Turkey non-profit organizations are embarking on a massive relief campaign to giving the needs of an underprivileged community of 80 million people in 18 countries around the world. The daily sabah reported on Friday, April 25.

In Yemen, food insecurity and malnutrition become the worst problems facing citizens, the country which struck conflict since six years ago.

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Initiative said the number of people who will face high levels of acute food insecurity in Yemen in 2021 will increase to 16.2 million. An increase of nearly 3 million compared to the October-December 2020 forecast of 13.5 million citizens.

“Including the 5 million people in the Including who are “starved”. According to a report published on April 16.

A number of Turkish charities have stepped in and stepped up assistance during Ramadan to reduce alarming levels of food and nutrition insecurity.

“There are many Turkish aid organizations working in Yemen, including large organizations such as the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay), the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV) and the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH). There are also small aid associations that work on small-scale projects, “said Mohammed Alsoudi, adviser to the chair of the Supreme Council for Aid Committee on Yemen.

The totally Turkish Red Crescent announced the Ramadan 2021 program targeting 80 million needy people in 18 countries, including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Indonesia, the Palestinian territories, South Sudan, Iraq, the Republic of Northern Turkey, Cyprus, Kosovo , North Macedonia, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Turkish Red Crescent will send 102.000 food package to 612.000 peoples throughout the month, and 10,000 food packages will be distributed in Yemen.

Apart from an increasing number of aid programs, the organization is also providing aid to Yemen in the areas of health, education, water and sanitation, construction of mosques, and many other projects. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)