Cycling for 370 KM, “Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa” Team Arrives in Lampung

The Palembang Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa Team took a group photo in front of the An-Nubuwwah Mosque, the Shuffah Hezbollah Islamic Boarding School Complex and the Al-Fatah Al-Muhajirun Madrasah, South Lampung after handing over the Indonesian and Palestinian flags to the Lampung Gowes Team. (Photo: Habib/MINA)

Al-Muhajirun, South Lampung, MINA – The Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa Team for the Palembang-Lampung Route arrived at the Complex of the Shuffah Hizbullah Islamic Boarding School and the Al-Fatah Al-Muhajirun Madrasah, Negararatu, Natar, South Lampung on Sunday.

The Gowes Team, consisting of 34 personnel, consisting of 25 cyclists and 9 committee members, managed to cover a distance of 370 kilometers by starting cycling from the Shuffah Al-Fatah Borang Complex, South Sumatra on Friday morning.

Based on MINA’s monitoring at the location, the Gowes Team was greeted lively by thousands of Al-Fatah students and the Al-Muhajirun community after the Maghrib Prayer with thunderous takbir and the slogan “Al-Aqsa Haqquna” accompanied by an atmosphere of light rain.

After the reception, the Indonesian and Palestinian flags were handed over from the Palembang Gowes Team to the Lampung Gowes Team which was represented directly by the Lampung Bureau AWG Supervisor, Ustaz M. Amin Nuroni in the courtyard of the An-Nubuwwah Mosque.

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Amin Nuroni in the handover of the flag admitted that he was amazed and touched by the Jambi and Palembang cyclist teams who until now have traveled hundreds of kilometers with great enthusiasm and strong determination as one of the efforts to liberate the Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

“We are really touched, how hard the struggle of the Ikhwan was, having traveled 370 kilometers. Hopefully all the hard work of sacrifice, sincerity, wealth, energy, time and opportunity will be recorded as Jihad Fie Sabilillah with a series of promises from Allah that will be given to us in the effort to defend and liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque, Aamiin,” he said, sobbing.

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Meanwhile, the Head of the AWG Bureau of South Sumatra, Ade Jalaluddin, who handed over the flag relay, said that he and the Gowes team were grateful because with Allah’s permission, the mandate had arrived as it should.

“We have tried to start with various activities to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque. And with this we convey the message of continuing the relay of the struggle for the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and convey our greetings to Al-Aqsa that we will continue to be with Al-Aqsa and Palestine,” he said.

Furthermore, the Lampung Gowes Team is planned to depart tomorrow on Monday morning to Bakauheni, covering a distance of 108 kilometers with a total of 33 personnel including 10 committee members, plus 10 gowesers from the Gowes Sepuh Natar Community (GSN) who will come to the Adipura Roundabout, Bandar Lampung.

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Howes Cinta Al-Aqsa is a series of activities for the Palestine Solidarity Month (BSP) initiated by AWG Center. Held for one month, from 1-29 November 2022.

At the peak of the BSP performance in Lampung, AWG will hold an International Millennial Peace Maker Forum Talkshow with the theme “Building Millennial Generation Solidarity for the Liberation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine” on Sunday in the IIB Darmajaya Rectorate Hall, Bandar Lampung. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)