Women’s Action to Defend Palestine Held in Jakarta Demands Lift Gaza Blockade

Chairman of the Maemuna Center (Mae_C) Onny Firyanti. (Photo: Angga/MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – The women’s struggle organization for Al-Aqsa and Palestine, Maemuna Center (Mae_C), urges related parties to immediately lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, Palestine considering the increasingly deteriorating situation in the region.

Maemuna Center (Mae_C) through the Women’s Action to Defend Palestine in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta ​​on Monday delivered the following statement:

1. For and in the name of justice and humanity, the Maemuna Center hereby demands that Zionist Israel immediately stop the genocide (ceasefire now) and open the blockade on Gaza which has been in place for almost two decades since 2005 until today.

2. The Maemuna Center also urges the Egyptian Government to open their border gates with Palestine in Rafah so that humanitarian aid from various countries and community groups throughout the world can be distributed to Gaza residents who are in dire need.

3. The genocide carried out massively and indiscriminately by the Israeli Zionists in Gaza since 7 October 2023, resulted in the deaths of more than 11 thousand people, 1.5 million people were expelled and medical facilities were paralyzed in Gaza. Children and women are the groups that suffer the most, accounting for more than 71% of the total number of victims. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that at least 4,700 children and 3,150 women were martyred and massacred by Zionists from October 7 2023 until today.

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4. This crime is proof that the reason for the Israeli Zionist aggression in Gaza and West Bank cities to fight Hamas is nonsense. Zionists are fighting the Palestinian people, killing innocent Palestinian children and women. Zionist Israel plans to erase Palestine from the world map.

5. Maemuna Center condemns the desecration of Israeli Zionists and extremist Jews against the Al Aqsa Mosque. Maemuna Center demands that they stop intervening by restricting Muslims from entering Al Aqsa. Demanding that Zionist Israel stop breaking into Al Aqsa, because the area is the right of Muslims and is only permitted for Muslim worship purposes.

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6. Maemuna Center demands that the Israeli Zionist regime immediately release Palestinian children and women held in Zionist prisons. The detention of children and women is part of the collective punishment that Zionists and hostages apply to the Israeli Zionist entity in suppressing the struggle for Palestinian independence.

7. Zionist Israel has clearly violated the norms of all religions and violated international humanitarian law that children, women, hospitals and places of worship are objects that must be protected.

8. Maemuna Center calls on women in Indonesia and throughout the world to rise up against the atrocities of Zionist Israel which truly go beyond all limits.

9. Maemuna Center urges oil exporting countries to stop oil supplies to Israel and boycott all commodity products originating from Israel in general as an effort to end the blockade of Gaza.

10. Maemuna Center demands countries that support the blockade such as the United States, Britain, Germany and France to stop helping the tyranny of Zionist Israel. Helping, even financing the tyranny of Zionist Israel is the same as committing tyranny itself.

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11. Maemuna Center urges the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to complete investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity, arrest and prosecute the Netanyahu regime as war criminals.

12. The Maemuna Center calls on neighboring countries to Palestine, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan as Palestine’s closest brothers, to show their unique attitude of helping each other and caring more about the suffering of the Palestinian people.

13. Calling on Muslims throughout the world to unite in fighting Israel’s crimes against humanity in Palestine through concrete actions and praying at all times.

14. Maemuna Center expresses its high appreciation to the Indonesian Government represented by Minister Retno Marsudi. Apart from being Minister of Foreign Affairs, she is also a woman who has made various diplomatic efforts to condemn Israel’s Zionist atrocities and help the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)