Unity of Religious Community Makes Indonesia as Peaceful Country: Kalla

Jakarta, MINA – Former of Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla said, the unity of religious community makes Indonesia as country that remains peaceful.

Kalla said, in the last twenty years, 60 per cent of countries in conflict were Muslim-majority countries.

“There are situations wher we really make peaceful encourage among the religious community. So, all efforts we must support,” said Kalla in Jakarta, as quoted by MINA on Tuesday.

Kalla told a story when Indonesia experienced a period of like what happened in Poso, Ambon, and Aceh. They were happened because of religion factor.

He explained, conflicts caused by religion factor were very difficult to overcome because of both of them promise heaven.

“On our part, we think of jihad and (Christian) holy war. I said that when there was a conflict between Ambon and Poso, you went to hell. There are no verses and commandments, destroying churches and mosques, killing each other to enter heaven. You’re going to hell.  (Finally) it stopped,” he said.

Hebalso talked about the chances of Palestinian independence. According to him, if Palestine becomes independent, then Hamas and Fattah must unite.

“I said, you unite first. If you have a conflict, how can I help? One wants to negotiate, one wants war,” he said.

According to him, the lack of unity between Hamas and Fattah and Arab countries is one of the factors making it difficult for an independent Palestinian state.

Apart from that, there is America’s role to date in continuing to supply weapons to Israel which means that this conflict has not ended.

Kalla encouraged all parties to continue to build solidarity so that the conflict in Palestine can end. One form of solidarity is raising aid for the Palestinian people. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)