Tokyo Olympics: Lifter Rahmat Erwin Donates Third Medal for Indonesia

Tokyo, MINA – Indonesia’s young lifter, Rahmat Erwin Abdullah, 20, won a bronze medal in Group B number 73 kg men’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the Tokyo International Forum, Japan on Wednesday.

This is the third medal for Indonesia, all three from the weightlifting event, consisting of one silver and two bronze.

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah has set a record at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He managed to do a 190 kg clean and jerk (two stages) at the beginning of the session.

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah’s performance was so good that he managed to lift weights in an injured condition.

Rahmat, who was chosen to represent Asia along with lifters from China, Japan, and South Korea at the 2020 Olympics, admitted that he had no difficulties in carrying out the batch.

“Lifting 190 kg is quite easy. I wanted to try 195 kg, and maybe even 200 kg in my last attempt, but I have an injury to my right thigh,” Abdullah said.

“Due to the pandemic, I have been living in the training complex for almost 18 months. I eat and sleep and train in the same place. I hope that my efforts will result in a medal,” said Rahmat.

Rahmat appeared at the Tokyo International Forum, defeating four of his competitor’s lifters. They are Jorge Cardenas (Mexico), Mahmoud Alhumayd (Saudi Arabia), Brandon Wakeling (Australia) and Abderrahim Moun (Morocco).

Initially, Rahmat performed without any obstacles at all. During the snatch (one stage), Rahmat was able to lift his first attempt at 142 kg.

Then in the second attempt, the load was increased to 147, Rahmat succeeded in lifting it. Finally, in the third attempt, Rahmat was able to lift 152 kg.

Then, Rahmat successfully lifted 180 kg in the next experiment. However, he failed to lift 190 kg on the second try. Fortunately, on the third try, Rahmat was able to lift 190 kg well. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)