AFF Cup Semifinals: Singapore Holds Draw Indonesia

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Kallang, MINA – The Indonesian Football team had to settle for a 1-1 draw with Singapore in the first leg of the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals at the National Stadium, Kallang, Singapore on Wednesday. Had taken the lead in the first half, the Garuda Team conceded in the second half and the 1-1 draw lasted until the end.

As quoted from, the Indonesian team took the lead through Witan Sulaeman’s goal in the 28th minute. However, Singapore was able to equalize through Ikhsan Fandi’s goal in the 70th minute.

The Indonesian national team played pressing since the beginning of the match. However, Singapore has a fairly tight defense and initiative to counterattack quickly. In the first six minutes, you could say both teams were equally trying to attack.

Singapore’s quick attack in the 14th minute almost broke the Indonesian national team’s goal. Luckily the goal that was escorted by Nadeo Argawinata was still safe.

Nadeo Argawinata did not manage to dispel the cross that was released by Song Uiyoung The ball that was released from Nadeo was grabbed by Ikhsan Fandi. Luckily, the son’s kick from Singapore football legend, Fandi Ahmad, was still thin outside the Indonesian national team’s goal.

An opportunity was obtained by Witan Sulaeman in the 18th minute who received a through ball inside the Singapore penalty box. Unfortunately, a hard kick with his left foot still made the ball fly far above the Singapore goal.

The Indonesian team managed to score a goal through Witan Sulaeman in the 28th minute who made a good 1-2 cooperation with Asnawi Mangkualam.

Starting from the attack that Asnawi built from the right side, the 1-2 game was played with Witan. Asnawi who entered the Singapore defense area again sent the ball into the heart of the defense and was greeted again by Witan who immediately struck the ball with his left foot to bring Garuda Team 1-0 up.

Left behind by one goal, Singapore took the initiative to put more pressure on the Indonesian national team. However, Garuda Team’s fortress, which consisted of three stopers and two wing-backs, made Ikhsan Fandi et al. cannot easily penetrate the Indonesian national team’s defense area.

Until the first half ended, the 1-0 advantage for the Indonesian National Team did not change.

At the beginning of the second half, Shin Tae-yong as usual made two substitutions for the Indonesian Team. Elkan Baggott and Ezra Walian entered the field to replace Rizky Ridho and Dedik Setiawan.

The presence of Elkan Baggott gave confidence to the Indonesian national team in repelling attacks by Singapore. Meanwhile, Ezra Walian is expected to be a better goal getter in the second half of the 2020 AFF Cup semifinal first leg.

As was the case in the first half, the Indonesian team kept trying to put pressure on it, both from the right and left wings. Having difficulty breaking the defense of the Singapore national team, Shin Tae-yong decided to enter Evan Dimas in the 67th minute and pull out Rachmat Irianto.

Fun attacking, the Indonesian team conceded in the 70th minute through Ikhsan Fandi’s goal. Starting from a counter-attack by Singapore, Faris Ramli dribbled into the middle and provided a breakthrough bait for Ikhsan Fandi who successfully beat Nadeo Argawinata to make the position 1-1.

Having just scored a goal, Ikhsan Fandi was immediately withdrawn by Singapore coach from Japan, Tatsuma Yoshida, who included Amy Recha as a squad refresher in less than 20 minutes of the game remaining.

A surprising change made Shin Tae-yong in the 78th minute. Ezra Walian, who had just entered at the beginning of the second half, was withdrawn again, replaced by Hanis Saghara.

Ezra’s time of about 30 minutes did not seem to satisfy the South Korean coach who decided to change his tactics after the position became a draw.

Indonesian team put pressure on Singapore’s defense in the remaining time. Even Hanis Saghara had time to shoot from outside the penalty box which was still able to be driven away by the Singapore goalkeeper very well.

A last effort was made by Shin Tae-yong by entering Yabes Roni to replace Irfan Jaya in injury time. Although Garuda Team continued to press, the 1-1 draw did not change until the long whistle sounded. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)