President Jokowi Officially Opens XX Papua PON

Papua, MINA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially opened the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Jayapura Regency on Saturday evening local time.

President Jokowi opened the event by expressing his pride in Papua.

“My feelings and those of you must be the same, we are proud to be in Papua and we are proud to be in the best stadium in Asia Pacific. We are proud to open the Twentieth PON, the first PON to be held in Papua,” said President Jokowi as quoted from

President Jokowi, wearing a Papuan PON jacket, greeted the audience at the stadium in the local language.

“Huwe foi (good evening), onomi rehmay, wa wa wa, greetings to sports”. This greeting was greeted by cheers from the audience, which filled 25 percent of the total capacity of 40 thousand spectators.

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“This sports week illustrates the progress of Papua, showing the readiness of infrastructure in Papua and the readiness of the Papuan people to organize big events to excel in the national and international arena,” Jokowi continued.

President Jokowi said that PON Papua has great meaning for all Indonesian people.

“This PON is a stage for unity, a stage for togetherness, a stage for equality and a stage for justice to advance together and prosper together within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” added President Jokowi.

Meanwhile, Papua’s progress is not only reflected in the Lukas Enembe Stadium but also from sea, land and air connectivity.

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“Airports, ports, Papua highways and the development of Papuan human resources are other achievements of Papua’s very proud progress,” said Jokowi.

The President then invited Papuan youth to continue to cultivate and develop achievements.

“The achievements of Papuan athletes such as Lisa Rumbewas, Serafi Anelies Unani athletics, Franklin Ramses Burumi from athletics, Boaz Solossa from football must be followed by other Papuan youths,” added the President.

Jokowi also said that musical and cultural creativity such as the songs “Just Me” by M.A.C and “Don’t Disturb” from Shine of Black will surely be followed by works that are no less great by young Papuans.

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“Let us celebrate this PON with joy, uphold sportsmanship, strengthen brotherhood, togetherness, equality and national unity, rest assured that Papua’s progress will go fast, let’s show our participation to ensure the success of this XX PON,” said the President.

As 7,066 athletes from all over Indonesia participated in the PON which took place on October 2-15, 2021, consisting of 4,176 male athletes and 2,890 female athletes.

According to the Head of the XX PON Validity Team, Soedarmo, athletes from 34 provinces competed in 37 sports, 56 disciplines and 679 match numbers. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)