People of Gaza, Their City may be Destroyed, but Their Faith Remains Steadfast

What is happening in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, has made this year’s Ramadan pass with gloom. The joy of welcoming this sacred month seems to be lost, the colorful decorations typical of Ramadan that usually adorn Gaza are also nowhere to be seen.

While other Muslim communities break their fast with joy, warmth, and delight, for the people of Palestine, it now feels like mourning, perhaps deserving of our condolences.

Under relentless Israeli attacks for 163 consecutive days, the people of Gaza have lost many things: beloved family members, relatives, and close friends, possessions, homes, schools, places of worship, hospitals, and more. Gaza now lies in ruins.

However, through several videos shared on various social media accounts recently, our hearts have been deeply moved. Despite the entire city being in ruins, amidst the rubble of destroyed buildings, in the dark and cold nights without electricity, the people of Gaza still line up to perform Tarawih prayers. Their city may be destroyed, but the faith of its inhabitants remains steadfast.

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Amidst all the hardships and horrors they have endured for months, not only do the people of Gaza have to perform Tarawih prayers in the dark and outdoors, but they also continue to observe fasting despite the shortage of food and water.

This Ramadan shows us that the Israeli Zionist army may have destroyed Gaza, but they cannot destroy the faith of its people. Israel may prevent aid from reaching Gaza, leading to hunger among its residents, but they cannot prevent them from continuing to love and believe in the power of Allah.

Their rows during Tarawih prayers amidst the destruction also remind us that while the Israeli occupation may cause the people of Gaza to lose their loved ones, it will never be able to erase the belief in their hearts.


What has happened certainly saddens the people of Gaza, but it does not make them lose hope.

Tens of thousands have been martyred, there is no safe place in every corner of their city. Hunger and sorrow have become their familiar companions every day. But like the people of Gaza, who continue to prostrate and pray, let us together with them raise our prayers in this Ramadan for victory over the Zionist Israel, which does not retreat from its cruelty even in this holy month.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stated on Sunday (3/17) that the Israeli occupying forces carried out nine massacres in various areas of the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours, killing at least 92 civilians and injuring more than 130 others, while a large number of victims are still under the rubble of bombed buildings or lying on the streets.


In a statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza added that the number of casualties due to the bombings and shootings by Israel, which began on October 7, increased to 31,645 martyrs and the number of injured reached 73,676 people.

Every day, the Israeli army intensifies air and ground attacks in the Gaza Strip, which has been continuously bombed since the cross-border operation launched by the armed wing of Hamas, the Al-Qassam Brigades, on October 7, 2023.

In addition to the high number of casualties and refugees, basic food, fuel, water, and medical supplies have also been depleted due to Israel’s strict blockade.(T/R3/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)