Pakistan Hopes to Increase Cooperation with Indonesia

Jakarta, MINA – The Charge d ‘Affaires of Embassy of Pakistan to Indonesia H.E. Sajjad Haider Khan hopes that the cooperation between Pakistan and Indonesia can be stronger and increase, especially in the fields of economy and trade.

It was conveyed by Sajjad in MINA’s special interview with the Pakistani Ambassador to Indonesia in Jakarta on Thursday.

Sajjad said although there are some differences between the two countries, Indonesia and Pakistan have had a longstanding relationship.

“Indonesia and Pakistan are two different regions and under different colonial powers. We were colonized by the British, you (Indonesia) were colonized by the Dutch who spoke two different languages. Pakistan has historically had closer ties with Commonwealth countries. But with Indonesia itself, the historical relations between the two countries have also been established for a long time,” he said.

“Trade is an important area for both the Indonesian government and the Pakistani government. It continues to move forward and develop,” Sajjad said.

“We currently receive nearly two billion dollars worth of palm oil every year, as well as your coal which is also sent to Pakistan and these various vegetables and spices and many other things,” he added.

Sajjad also revealed that currently Pakistan is developing its tourism sector. He hopes that in the future many Indonesians will visit Pakistan.

“The tourism sector is one area where we want to expand our cooperation. Maybe people don’t know that Pakistan has beautiful areas. We are a Muslim country so Indonesians will really feel at home when visiting Pakistan. But with a different view, society and culture,” he said.

“All sectors are open for cooperation,” he concluded. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)