Muslims, Let Us Life in Congregation

By: Mustafa Kamal, Social Welfare Lecturer, Tarbiyah Wustho Alumni Lampung

Exclamation means solicitation or conversion. Arabic is known as the word “Da’wah” which is the essence of the basic word “Da’a”.

Exclamation, invitation or leave for fi’lal khair (virtue) not in fi’lus syar (ugliness).

Allah quotes in the Quran:

Let there be a nation among you who calls for good and commands the famous and forbids those who deny and eat it.

It means: “And hope there are among you a group of people who call for virtue, order to the poor and avoid the evil, they are the lucky ones.” (Surah Ali Imran [3]: 104).

Calls for virtue have been made by the Prophets and Apostles, also by the Imaams and the scholars.

Ad-Dahhak said the callers to virtue were chosen friends, elected mujahidin, and scholars.

Life in Congregation

Life in congregation is fi’lal khair (the practice of virtue) because it united to the Muslims and it is the command of Allah in the Qur’an and Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam.

By living in congregation, the Muslims will become strong.

If we compare it to a broom stick, one stick cannot be used for sweeping. But if we stick a lot with one bond, then we can use it to sweep.

Or we can compare our fingers, if only one finger would not be strong. But the compilation of our fingers will be strong. Able to carry, beat and so on.


Tafaru means to be separated or divorced or grouped and is the opposite of worshipers (united). It relates to the following verses of Allah:

And if this is a straight path, then follow ۖ and don’t follow the path, so you are separated from you that way.

It means: “And that is my path which is straight, so follow him, and help you to follow (other) ways, because those paths divide you from. That is what Allah commands you to fear. “(Surah al-An’am [6]: 153).

Allah’s Word in another verse:

And disband only after they come to them, prostitutes themselves and not a word preceded by your Lord, to order their names but spend and Allah bequeathed to them in doubt is suspicious

In another verse Allah says:

And on that day, they were scattered. It means: “And on the Day of Judgment, that day they (humans) belong to groups.” (Surah Ar-Rum [30]: 14).

Allah prohibits tafaruq (division), as returned in verse:

And don’t be like those who disperse and disagree with me after what comes to them, I make it clear ُ and you all have a lot.

It means: “And do not forget those who are divorced and disputed come clear statements to them. They are people who get severe torture. “(Surah Ali Imran [3]: 105). (AT/RE1)

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