Foto: PIC
Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal: All options are open to break Gaza siege. (Photo: PIC)

Gaza, 23 Safar 1436/16 December 2014 (MINA) – Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal said in press statements that all options are open to break the siege on Gaza Strip, holding the PA and the unity government responsible for the delay of reconstruction process.

Mishaal accused the Palestinian unity government of delaying Gaza reconstruction, The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

“It is unreasonable that Gaza which fought a heroic battle and displayed unprecedented steadfastness in face of the occupation, did not yet witness the initiation of the reconstruction process,” he said.

Mishaal pointed out that Hamas works on two parallel tracks, the first is to call upon the PA and the unity government to bear their responsibility towards the reconstruction process, while the second track is to work with local institutions to contribute in Gaza reconstruction.

He stressed the besieged Strip’s right to break its blockade, to accelerate its reconstruction, to re-open its airport and seaport.

All options are open to achieve these rights, he added.

The Hamas leader stressed his Movement’s adherence to Palestinian constants and national reconciliation.

The Movement did not and will never intervene in Arab and regional countries’ internal affairs. It is keen to have good relations with all parties, Mishaal underlined.

“Hamas did not make concessions in its strategy and its political programs based on resisting the occupation, liberating holy places, and achieving the national project.”

Hamas’s external relations are based on solid foundations, he added, adding that the Palestinian cause unites all parties in the region as it represents a core issue for the Arab and Islamic Nation and a human just cause.

Mishaal pointed to the presence of external pressures to foil the Palestinian national reconciliation and to keep the internal division as long as possible, expressing disappointment and dissatisfaction over the freezing of the reconciliation agreement.

“We are keen to maintain contacts and joint action with Fatah faction,” he underlined.

Regarding the visit of Hamas’s delegation to Iran, Mishaal stated that his Movement did not break its longtime ties with Iran. There was disagreement regarding the Syrian issue, however we did not break our ties with Iran as the latter’s support did not stop.

Commenting on Hamas’s relationship with Egypt, Mishaal stressed the Movement’s keenness to preserve its good-neighborly ties with Egypt despite the continued incitement.

He renewed his Movement’s keenness on the Egyptian internal security and stability, asserting that his Movement had never intervened in Egypt’s internal affairs.(T/P008/P3)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)