KPU: Recapitulation of Overseas Votes Completed, Malaysian PSUs Remain

Ilustration of Votes Counting (doc: Detik Com)

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) has completed the process of recapitulating the vote count for the 2024 Election from overseas electoral districts.

As quoted from on Tuesday, the process was completed after the vote recapitulation from Taipei, Taiwan, ended on Monday evening. The open plenary meeting for the recapitulation of the Taipei vote had been going on hard since early Monday morning and was suspended at dawn and resumed in the afternoon.

The national level recapitulation process for votes from abroad has going on since Wednesday and takes place almost every day, until the early hours of the morning.

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Chairman of the Indonesian KPU, Hasyim Asy’ari, said that the process of recapitulating the vote count for the 2024 election from overseas electoral districts was proceeding according to schedule.

“To speed up the process, we created two panels, panel A and panel B. And today, Monday 4 March 2024, is the last opportunity for a recap for PPLN [Overseas Election Committee]. And indeed a recap for PPLN is scheduled, the final schedule is today,” he said on Monday night.

Hasyim detailed that the recapitulation sequence started with PPLN, which was present first in Jakarta. In total, of the 128 PPLN, around 127 PPLN have completed the national level recapitulation.

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Hasyim explained that the recapitulation of the vote tally for the 2024 election from overseas electoral districts still left one location, namely Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

However, he explained, PPLN Kuala Lumpur had not yet done this because the KPU and Bawaslu RI decided to hold a re-vote (PSU). The reason is related to serious problems with the integrity of the voter list.

PSU in Kuala Lumpur will use two methods and last for two days.

The two methods are voting at polling stations (TPS) and mobile ballot boxes (KSK).

The KSK PSU method will be implemented on March 9 2024 and the postal method will be implemented on the following day, March 10 2024.

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For the KSK method, the voting organizing group (KPPS) will provide supervision from start to finish. The next day, the ballot papers will be counted together with the PSU results from the TPS method. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)