Jusuf Kalla Talks with Religion Minister of Afghanistan

Kabul, MINA – The 10th and 12th Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated his commitment to continue to invite the conflicting parties to negotiate ending violence in Afghanistan. Kala will also invite clerics in Indonesia to persuade the Taliban to have a dialogue with the Afghan government.

“Inviting parties in conflict to dialogue in Jakarta is one option, we will invite the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI),” said JK in a press release during a dialogue with the Minister of Religion and Hajj of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Qasim Halim on Wednesday as quoted from Republika.

Kalla also stated that he would immediately coordinate with MUI regarding the invitation, including reporting to Vice President Ma’ruf Amin to coordinate with the invitation plan.

“I will also immediately report to the vice president Ma’ruf Amin to coordinate, however this peace program is the idea of ​​the Government of Indonesia,” said Kalla.

It was conveyed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Mosque Council in response to the expectations of the Afghan Government for Jusuf Kalla (JK) and the Indonesian scholars who are willing to facilitate dialogue between his party and the Taliban faction. According to the Afghan side, dialogue is needed to end the growing violent conflict in the country.

“We want Mr. Kalla and Indonesian clerics to facilitate dialogue between Afghan and Taliban clerics to end the conflict,” said Minister of Religion and Hajj of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Qasim Halimi.

Qasim said the conflict occurred due to differences between factions in Afghanistan in terms of finding a suitable model of Islamic governance for the Islamic country of 32 million people. For this reason, Qasim stated that his party wanted to immediately end acts of violence and kill each other among its citizens due to differences of opinion.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) to Afghanistan Arief Rachman said that the arrival of the 10th and 12th Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla to Kabul was highly anticipated by the Afghan authorities to be able to provide a solution for peace in this long-conflicted Islamic country.

According to Arief, the Afghan government also welcomed Kalla’s presence during his visit. The Afghan side believes that Indonesia can become a peacemaker for the conflicts that occur in that country.

Afghanistan believes Indonesia can become a peace negotiator for conflict with the Taliban.

Indonesia and Afghanistan will take a religious approach in conflict resolution and peace in the midst of conflict. The approach involves the ulama in spreading wasathiyah Islamic teachings.

“The Afghan side is very welcome to Mr. Kalla and hopefully the involvement of the ulama for peace can bring peace in Afghanistan,” said Arief.

Kala and his entourage visited Afghanistan in order to fulfill an invitation from the Government of Afghanistan to find a solution related to the conflict and violence that often afflicts his country. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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