Indonesian NGO MER-C Ready to Give Health Services to Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan, China

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian NGO’s Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) stated they are ready to provide health services to Indonesian citizens (WNI) who are still living in Wuhan, China, which are facing a Coronavirus outbreak.

“We are ready to provide health services for Indonesians in Wuhan, China. MER-C initiated this because of a request from an Indonesian citizen who trapped there “said the chairman of MER-C Presidium, dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad in a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday, January, 30.

MER-C as a humanitarian agency that experienced in giving medical treatment in disaster or conflict areas due to a war dealing with several outbreaks.

For handling and preventing the outbreak, Indonesia has experience with it. “Actually, Indonesia also has experience with it, the handling of hajj. The government is handling hundreds of thousands of worshipers from possible exposure to the virus, “said dr. Ben, Sarbini’s nickname.

dr. Yogi Prabowo also gave a statement at the press conference said that concentrated handling is better rather than mass handling. Therefore. “To handling Indonesian citizens in Wuhan, it is better for the government to immediately take the initiative, MER-C is ready to help,” he said.

Meanwhile, dr. Hadiki Habib said it was important to educate the public so that it could prevent the spread of the virus through personal contact. “Healthy behaviors need to be socialized to the community for prevention of virus transmission, especially Corona,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian National Air Force (TNI AU) prepared three planes to evacuate Indonesian citizens located in Wuhan, China. The Air Force said it was ready, waiting for instructions from the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security.

He said that the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently communicating with the Chinese government regarding the evacuating of Indonesian citizens in Wuhan. (L/P2/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)