Indonesian Hospital Construction of Second Phase Costs Rp. 70 Billion

Jakarta, MINA – The Emergency Medical Rescue-Committee (MER-C) is conducting the construction of the second phase of Indonesian Hospital in Bayt Lahiya, North Gaza, Palestine.

MER-C Team Leader, Ir Faried Thalib told MINA in Jakarta on Friday said that the construction of two additional floors that had reached 80 percent was estimated to have cost up to Rp 70 billion.

“The building itself is almost 80 percent, soon to be finished. But simultaneously there must be tools, there are contents rather than the hospital itself. Estimated funds spent at Rp 70 billion, “he said.

Faried said this number was smaller than the first because at that time all the sophisticated tools had been purchased, while now the tools were standard. Others that are quite sophisticated endoscopy tools and only complement ICCU tools.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Hospital Medical Devices Team dr. Arief Rahman revealed, in this second stage, MER-C added several services such as hospitalization. The service became the focus at the request of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, responding to hospital capacity needs.

“North Gaza alone has a population of around 600 thousand people. “The total number of hospitals in the public and private sectors is still below 500,” Arief said.

He explained the Indonesian Hospital itself, after being inaugurated in 2014, accommodated around 150 beds. With the services available, then the needs are increasing, the services provided are prime services rather than standard services.

“When it is finished, we estimate the addition of these beds from the original number of 150 will increase to 250. So, there is an additional about 100 beds capacity,” he said.

“From here then, the Ministry of Health in Gaza asked for more. From what we discussed in February last year, the addition of the two floors will focus on increasing bed capacity, “he added.

Then, he continued the service that will also be expanded is the IGD service. According to him, IGD is the heart of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. Many occurrences, the victim enters the emergency room is treated at the emergency room, then taken to surgery or to an inpatient or home.

“In a number of conditions because all the beds in the emergency room were full, the victims could not be helped at the Indonesian hospital and were transferred to another hospital. With the expansion of emergency room, we hope to have an additional capacity of around 15 to 20 beds, “he said.

Arief revealed another new service is endoscopy, which is monitoring the gastrointestinal tract, because the rate of inflammation of gastrointestinal tract in Gaza is quite high, and also the Intensiveive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) to treat heart patients who need intensive care.

According to him, it is something conditional in the sense that when the conditions in which the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza must become a hospital that handles trauma to victims of conflict, the entrance through emergency or emergency room.

“So, in the end the primary service of this hospital, which was focused on managing trauma, has shifted to become a public hospital,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)