Indonesian Aqsa Working Group Holds Solidarity Action for Palestine

Jakarta, MINA – A humanitarian organization that is concerned with the struggle of the Palestinian people and the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Aqsa Working Group (AWG) holds solidarity and concern for the Palestinian people and the Al-Aqsa Mosque simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

The Chairman of the Presidum of the AWG M Anshorullah explained that the peaceful action would be carried out as well as the sharing of free takjil simultaneously at 30 points in major cities throughout Indonesia on Monday afternoon.

He said this action was held in connection with the Zionist Israeli attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, against congregations who were performing prayers and itikaf, which were increasingly rampant and are still ongoing today.

“This action is a form of our solidarity as human beings, especially when it coincides with the month of Ramadan, it is only right for the Indonesian people to help the Palestinian people,” Anshorullah said.

He said the AWG Presidium called for and asked all AWG Bureaus in the regions to carry out sympathetic peace actions simultaneously today.

The locations for this simultaneous peaceful action are spread from the eastern tip, Ternate to the regions of East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Java and Sumatra.

Helping Palestine, he said, has become the focus of the Indonesian Government because it was stated in the preamble to the 1945 Constitution. Its implementation continues at the diplomatic level to defend Palestinian rights.

But from a humanitarian point of view, all Indonesian people, especially Muslims, have an important role to play in helping the Palestinian people and defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque in any form.

In addition, AWG also expressed support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and at the same time condemned the barbaric actions of the Zionist Jews who shot at tarawih prayer congregations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque by sending a Statement of Attitude to the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al-Shun at the Embassy.

Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al-Shun expressed his gratitude for the support provided by AWG and the Indonesian people for the Palestinian people.

He stressed that the international community must take the necessary steps to help stop human rights abuses and war crimes committed by Israel.

The preoccupation of Palestinian Muslims in Al-Quds in carrying out religious practices since the beginning of Ramadan has been disturbed by the Israeli army with various intimidations and provocations: prohibiting the call to prayer, prohibiting breaking the fast (iftar) in the Al-Aqsa complex, confiscation of food for breaking the fast and other provocative actions.

The climax was that on the evening of 26 Ramadan 1442/7 May 2021, Israeli soldiers attacked worshipers who were praying tarawih at the Dome of The Rock and the al-Qibli Mosque inside the Al-Aqsa Complex with stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Palestinian youths fought back by pelting Israeli soldiers with stones and glass bottles. More than 200 tarawih worshipers were injured in connection with the violence and brutality of the Israeli army.

Aqsa Working Group (AWG) is an institution formed in order to accommodate and manage the efforts of Muslims to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The AWG was formed based on a decision made by the Al-Aqsa International Conference Final Session in Jakarta, on 20 Sya’ban 1429 H or 21 August 2008 AD.

The Al-Aqsa International Conference was attended by elements of the leadership of mass Islamic organizations, the embassies of a number of Muslim countries, leaders of general and Islamic education institutions, leaders of da’wah institutions, leaders of Islamic mass media and a number of individuals who concentrate on the struggle of Muslims in the context of liberating Al-Aqsa. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)