Indonesia: Palm Produces More Vegetable Oil Than Others

Jakarta, MINA – Palm Oil is the most productive commodity to produce vegetable oil when compared to other vegetable energy sources.

Indonesian Minister of Coordinating Economy Darmin Nasution delivered the statement based on the results of a study from the International Union for Conservative of Nature (IUCN) Palm Oil Task Force.

“This study was conducted by an independent institution with a more balanced assessment than Europe which discriminates and blames palm oil,” Minister Darmin said at a press conference on Monday, as quoted from Anadolu Agency (AA).

He explained that for each production of 1 ton of palm oil only requires 0.26 hectares of field. While sunflowers require 1.43 hectares to produce 1 ton of palm oil.

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“While 1 ton of vegetable oil from soybeans requires 2 hectares of fields” Darmin added.

Darmin assessed this study was a good start to build a better and balanced understanding about palm oil.

“Indonesia is very confident that palm oil closely related to the lives of many people and a capital for many Indonesians in achieving growth,” he added.

According to Darmin, the government have been preparing a lot of things to improve the palm oil industry by completing land acquisition agreements in forest areas (PPTKH) which will be launched in the next few weeks.

“We also have a Presidential Instruction on a moratorium on palm oil plantations and the improvement of Indonesia’s Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO),” he stressed.

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Darmin also believes that pada oil and environmental issues are not two things that conflict and negate each other.

The government has allocated a conservation forest area of ​​22.1 million hectares and 29.7 million hectares of protected forest as a habitat for flora and fauna and biodiversity in tropical rainforests which have 193 species.

“The development of oil palm does not make environmental goals have to be ignored,” Minister Darmin said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)