Hundreds of Students Hold Solidarity Action with Palestine at Aceh Baiturrahman Mosque

A number of Acehnese students form a choreo with the words FREE PALESTINE in the courtyard of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Friday, May 17 2024. (Photo: Arif/MINA)

Banda Aceh, MINA – Hundreds of students and residents of Aceh held an action to defend Palestine in the courtyard of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque on Friday, several days after the commemoration of the 76th Nakba incident last Wednesday.

This peaceful action was held after Friday prayers in the form of conveying messages via posters brought by a number of students and residents.

This action took place peacefully with a series of activities that showed moral support for the Palestinian people who are facing a difficult situation in Gaza.

The action participants, consisting of various elements of society, including community organizations, students and human rights activists, started the activity by carrying out a long march from City Park to the main square.

They carried banners and posters calling for an end to the genocide in Gaza and to try Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Court of Justice on war crimes charges.

“Right now, Palestine needs support from all over the world. We must not remain silent and just be spectators. “What is happening in Gaza is a live broadcast of genocide that must be stopped immediately,” said one of the action participants.

On that occasion, residents in the courtyard of the mosque volunteered to unfurl the Palestinian flag and shout the slogan “Free Free Free Palestine”, as well as shouts “Israel Is a Terrorist”.

This peaceful action was also attended by Aqsa Working Group (AWG) volunteers, Aceh Zakat House Volunteers, the Blood For Life Foundation (BFLF) organization, and received support from the Nourman & Partner Law Office.

This support action was driven by the Palestine Action Group Aceh which shows the strong solidarity of the Acehnese people towards the struggle for independence of the Palestinian people.

As a follow-up to this action, next week a series of symbolic activities will be held as a more concrete form of support.

The planned agenda includes raising the Palestinian flag at various mosques and private vehicles. It is hoped that this action will increase public awareness and show the community’s strong solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The participants in the action also called on the international community to no longer remain silent and immediately take firm action against crimes committed by the Israeli government. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)