“Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa” Team Cycling from Jambi to Palembang about 338 KM

The Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa Jambi Team arrived at Shuffah Al-Fatah Borang, Palembang, South Sumatra, Friday (18/11). (Photo: Aisyah/MINA)

Palembang, MINA – The Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa Team, totaling 45 people, 30 gowesers, 9 car drivers and 6 companions have been cycling about 338 kilometers from Jambi to Palembang in 50 hours or about 3 days.

The gowes team departed from the Talang Duku Tahfidz Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Complex, Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province on Wednesday and arrived at the Shuffah Al-Fatah Borang Complex, Palembang on Friday.

According to the monitoring of the MINA Contributors at the location, the Gowes Team was greeted lively by the Santri and the Shuffah Al-Fatah Borang Community with shouts of Takbir, chants of struggle nasyid and the slogan “Al-Aqsa Haqquna”.

The chairman of the AWG Jambi Bureau, Hudal Khakim, who participated with the Jambi ride-hailing group, gave motivation to the Palembang goweser candidates who would continue their trip to Lampung the next day.

“Don’t look at the distance, don’t think about how many days, but what we need to remember is that what we are going through is a struggle for the Al Aqsa Mosque. Our team Alhamdulillah during the trip there were no obstacles, everything was launched by Allah, “he said.

He explained, the implementation of riding was technically based on using a relay system. The team is divided into 6 thoifah (team), 1 thoifah consists of 5 people and takes turns every 20 kilometers.

The first day of Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa starts from Talang Duku, Jambi at 07.30 a.m until 11.45 a.m during the afternoon break, then continues the journey again at 1 pm until 05.30 p.m. The second day starts at 6 am to 11.45 a.m, then continues at 1 pm until 6 pm. The third day was taken 2 hours 30 minutes, starting at 8 am.

“This technique is obtained by practicing before the event and making designs on paper. But unexpectedly, with the enthusiasm of the cyclists, they were able to exceed the target, said Huda.

He advised the next team to maintain cohesiveness during the trip, match the rhythm of movement and speed of riding so that they can successfully reach their destination.

Gowes Cinta Al-Aqsa is attended by all ages. The oldest participant from the Gowes Jambi Team is 59 years old and the youngest participant is 17 years old.

The oldest Goweser, Nasirin who comes from Rimbo Bujang, said that Gowes was his first experience. According to him, during the trip he felt very happy and proud because he could take part in one of the 2022 Palestine Solidarity Month (BSP) events.

“This is the first experience, I am very happy and proud to be able to take part in this event, the feeling of tiredness is gone because the results achieved and the fatigue that is being felt now is not comparable to the struggle in Palestine. Hopefully we will all be touched and be more enthusiastic about defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said.

On Saturday, here will be a handover of Indonesian and Palestinian flags to 34 Palembang cyclists who will go to Lampung with a distance of 267 kilometers, which will then be handed over to the Lampung cyclist team at the West Tulang Bawang Islamic Center (Tubaba). (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)