Governmental Media in Gaza Monitored 110 Violations against Palestinian Journalists Last November

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – The Ministry of Information in the Gaza Strip recorded 110 violations against Palestinian journalists during the month of November.

In its monthly report, the Ministry’s Monitoring and Follow-up Unit said that it had recorded 99 violations against journalists by the occupation, its settlers and social media administrations by combating Palestinian content, and 11 violations by the Palestinian security services in the West Bank, MINA’s Contribor in Gaza reported.

The unit added that it monitored 14 cases of arrest, extension, renewal of detention and summoning by the Israeli occupation forces against journalists during the last November.

The Monitoring Unit also recorded the assault by the occupation forces and settlers against dozens of journalists, including “26” male and female media workers, targeting them with rubber-coated metal bullets and poisonous gas canisters, beating them, pushing and dragging them, and insulting them using profanity.

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In addition, the occupation forces, in partnership with Israeli settlers, prevented more than 21 journalists from covering the events, and obstructed the performance of their media duties to hide the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Monitoring Unit also documented two cases of storming and raiding the homes of two journalists before arresting them, in addition to two case of threats and accusations.

Regarding the occupation’s violations against journalists in the occupation prisons, the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit recorded 5 cases of harassment, forcing a journalist to pay a fine before releasing him, while the occupation intelligence investigated 4 others after their detention.

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Regarding social networking sites, the unit monitored more than 24 cases of violations, in which accounts of journalists in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram closed and restricted in cooperation with the Israeli occupation, attacking the Palestinian content under the pretext of publishing in violation of the instructions for publication.

Regarding the violations by the Palestinian Authority security services, the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit recorded during November 11 cases, including arresting, extending the detention and summoning, in addition to monitoring 2 cases of equipment confiscation. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)