Eighteen Indonesian Hafiz Accept Umrah Prize

Bandung, MINA – Eighteen Indonesian students Islamic boarding school (santri) in West Java who memorizing 30 juz successfully passed the selection and received umrah prize from the Muhsinin Club, a humanitarian organization engaged in the social sector.

DeEP-F founder and member of the Muhsinin Club  Dewa Eka Prayoga said his party wanted to make the santri memorizing 30 juz happy and appreciate their hard work  by sending them to the Holy Land for free.

“We want to make the hafizs happy and feel appreciated. We held a selection to ensure they are competent and if they pass the selection, Insya Allah, they will go to the Holy Land for free,” he said as quoted from Republika on Monday.

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He also said, in the first batch, eighteen hafizs will go to Baitullah for free. But in the future, his party did not rule out departing more hafizs for free umrah.

Beside them, eighteen people helping hafizs in memorizing the Quran accepted umrah prize too.

Dewa invites Muslim entreprenuers to be involved in this program. 

“Hopefully, this program will continue, many hafizs want to go to the Baitullah,” he said.

Another member of the Muhsinin Club, Muhamad Catur Gunadi  hopes this program will continue with more quota.

“I always pray, hopefully this program can be one of the ways for someone to go to the Holy Land,” he said.

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One of the hafiz from the Bogor Al Hikmah Islamic Boarding School, Muhammad Faqih Fahreza Anwar, 14 years old expressed his gratitude for passing the sekection and getting umrah prize. Before the selection, he prepared himself by repeating and correcting his Quran memorization. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)