East Java Provincial Govt Launches Task Force on Sharia Economics Acceleration

Surabaya, 24 Muharram 1438/25 October 2016 (MINA) – East Java Provincial Government launched the Task Force on Sharia Economic Acceleration (Satu Akses) in the Grand Ballroom City Convention Centre, Surabaya, on Tuesday. The launch is a part of Indonesia Sharia Economic Forum Festival (ISEF) 2016 held on October 25 to 30.

The head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia’s East Java province, Benny Siswanto, said the great potential of East Java as the basis of economic development and Islamic finance in Indonesia require a special institution that can synergize various stakeholders of sharia economy in the province. Republika reported.

Satu Akses is formally established through the Governor’s decision No. 188/600 / KPTS / 013/2016 of the Task Force on Economic Sharia Acceleration of East Java Province, dated on October 21, 2016.

“The task force is to enhance the economy sharia in East Java. It’s a new model, and only in East Java province, other provinces are not established yet,” Benny told after the inauguration ceremony.

Benny explained, the duty of the task force is to develop and accelerate economic and Islamic finance supported by various sharia economy stakeholders. The elements who involved in are provincial government, Bank Indonesia’s East Java, the Financial Services Authority, scholars, practitioners, businesmans, and academia.

“Thus, the sharia economic development in East Java is expected to be more comprehensive and integrative, not just talking on the financial side, but also the real sector, which became the basis of the people’s economy,” he said.

According to Benny, through the establishment of Satu Akses, the development of Islamic principles in the economy is not only associated with banks and Islamic financial institutions. Rather, it is more broadly to include non-financial industries such as industrial / halal food, Muslim fashion products, development of Islamic tourism, Islamic entrepreneurship, as well as Islamic entertainment.

In addition, the development and optimization of Islamic social finance such as the optimization of productive zakat funds to support the financing of small and medium enterprises, including the optimization of endowments of community empowerment are also an important part that need attention and to be followed-up by the organization.(LP/R03/R04)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)