Discount Stores Helping Ramadan Shoppers to Stock Up

The discount “abu riyaleen” outlets are as important as supermarkets to many citizens during Ramadan. (Shutterstock)

Riyadh, MINA – With Ramadan underway, Saudis have been busy preparing for the holy month of fasting.

From fervent pantry stocking to the mad rush for decorations, people in the Kingdom have been scrambling to get their homes and kitchens in order for not only fasting, but spiritual cleansing and feasting with friends and family.

However, as well as supermarket shopping another type of store is just as important for many citizens in the run-up to Ramadan: The discount “abu riyaleen” outlets.

Similar to US “dollar stores” or European Kik shops, the Saudi versions have been steadily spreading throughout the nation.

According to the Arab News, the first one-stop shop opened in Madinah in 1999, close to The Prophet’s Mosque, and targeted pilgrims. With everything from gifts and souvenirs, to clothes, accessories, cookware and utensils, the store was a trailblazer in terms of the variety of items for sale, at fixed and very cheap prices.

Originally aimed at low-income families, the cut-price stores have now established themselves as popular among shoppers regardless of income or social class.

In recent years the number of stores has multiplied considerably, with Arabian Business magazine reporting a doubling of outlets in the past five years alone.

Marketing specialist Essam Al-Kardawi told Al-Arabiya that discount shops are the product of a widespread consumer culture among Saudis, who are accustomed to excessive purchases of various consumer goods, satisfying a need to buy and spend.

Al-Kardawi said the business model worked because the stores offered the lowest prices by controlling fixed and variable costs.Wholesale product purchases were made in very large quantities, and because of their popularity the shops did not need huge advertising budgets. (T/RI-1/R04)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)