Curriculum of Al-Quds is Necessarily Applied in Schools

The imaam of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Yakhsyaallah Mansur during his speech at Conference on the Defense & Liberation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine in Malaysia. Photo: Rifa/MINA

Shah Alam, Malaysia, MINA –  The Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) as a forum for Muslim unity based in Indonesia has initiated to make al-Quds as one of the curriculum taught to students in its schools throughout the country, with the aim of enabling them to learn more about Al-Aqsa Mosque which is now occupied by Israel.

Imaam of Sunni-based Islamic unity, Sheikh Yakshyallah Mansur, emphasized the importance of the curriculum studied in Islamic schools or madrasah, as an effort to facilitate students to know and deepen their knowledge of the Muslim holy places.

“Currently we are preparing the Al-Quds curriculum to be studied at Al-Fatah madrassas opened in several cities in Indonesia, such as Lampung, Bogor, Semarang, Ternate, Singkawang, Medan and Wonogiri,” Yakhsyallah told participants of the international conference on the liberation of al- Aqsa in Shah Alam, Malaysia, Monday (9/10).

In the meeting, bearing the theme “Conference on the Defense and Liberation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine”, Yakhsyallah argues that if Muslims can create peace in Palestine, it will be adopted worldwide. Even in the case of Syria, the citizens who were victims were Palestinian refugees who in 1967 were expelled from their land by Israel.

To realize the peace, he said, Muslims of the world must unite and get rid of their ego. “Palestine is a problem that must be solved by Muslims, so the liberation of Al-Aqsa must be accompanied by unity,” he said.

Regarding support for Al-Aqsa, Yakhsyallah explains, Jamaah Muslim (Hizbullah) has conducted various solidarity actions that are routinely held throughout Indonesia. In addition to raising funds for the Palestinian people and the annual fund for the celebration of Ied Al-Adha, it also sends volunteers directly to the country in cooperation with humanitarian agencies in Indonesia.

In addition, a grand meeting held in 2012 in Bandung became one of the momentum for Jamaah to unite the world’s Muslims in order to liberate the Muslim holy places from the Israeli occupation.

The meeting was organized by the Asian Muslim Scholars (AMS) in cooperation with the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organizations (MAPIM), the Secretariat of the Asian Regional Ulama Association (SHURA), and the Malaysian People’s Welfare Organization (SEJAGAT).

The conference discussed several topics, including real support for the resistance movement and emphasized the importance of jihad to fight for Palestinian independence from the Israeli occupation. \

The two-day conference will draft an action plan for the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

The conference participants consisted of representatives from various countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and Cambodia.

From Indonesia itself, delegates attending the conference include the Aqsa Working Group (AWG), Sunni-based Sunni Muslim Youth (Hizbullah), the Sunni-based Hizbullah Communication Forum, and the Muslim Brotherhood International. (L/RE1/RS05)



Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)