Afghans have been on the street almost every day now demanding justice for the slain girl who is said to be well versed in Islamic education. (Photo: On Islam)
Afghans have been on the street almost every day now demanding justice for the slain girl who is said to be well versed in Islamic education. (Photo: On Islam)

Kabul, 7 Jumadil Akhir 1436/27 March 2015 (MINA) – Shocking the devoted Muslim nation, the horrific incident of mob-lynching of an innocent young woman in Kabul over false accusation of burning the Qur’an has raised psychiatrists’ concerns on the need to address post-trauma disorders in the war-torn country.

“Afghans have been witnessing wars, infighting and economic miseries for decades, all of them have made them so bitter and violent,” Dr. Azizuddin Himmat, Head of the Psychiatrist Association of Afghanistan (PAA), On Islam quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

Commenting on the death of a young Afghan woman last week, Dr Himmat believed the society badly needed a post-trauma treatment.

27-years-old Farkhunda was beaten to death before being set on fire and thrown into the Kabul River for allegedly torching a copy of the holy Qur’an.

The incident took place near the Shah-e-Do Shamsher Shrine, that is named after a 7th century Sahabi, or Prophet Muhammad’s companion, who accompanied the group that brought Islam to this part of the region.

In the initial few hours after this unprecedented act of brutality took place, most of the people got shocked while few radical minded lauded the ‘killing of a blasphemer”.

But as soon as the initial investigations emerged claiming Farkhunda’s innocence, the social media was flooded with stern reaction, sorrow and despair.

In video clips, Farkhunda was seen with her face littered with blood while sitting in the shrine under police custody before being snatched and killed by the mob.

Himmat condemned the act of taking the life of an innocent girl.

“No normal human being can ever think about committing such a disgrace to his society but only mentally sick people can go on and do so,” he said, adding that some 60 per cent of Afghans actually need post war trauma treatment.

Afghans have been on the street almost every day now demanding justice for the slain girl who is said to be well versed in Islamic education.

Protesters on Monday March 23rd put on masks of Farkhunda’s bloodied photo and asked the government and society for justice, chanting, “Shame on the government!”, “Killers should be punished”, “We want justice”.

Earlier on Sunday March 22nd, after Farkhhunda was laid to rest, Kabul Police Investigator Gen. Mohammad Zahir told the gathering that initial findings proved the slain girl has not burnt the holy Qur’an.

Farkhunda’s mother told local media her daughter was well versed in Islamic studies and wanted to stop a Mullah in the shrine from deceiving people by writing false “Tawiz”, a folded piece of paper containing the verses of Qur’an deemed helpful for various purposes.

She claimed that Mullah enticed the crowd to attack her by blaming her for blasphemy for the Qur’an.

In a symbolic defiance against the persistent oppression of the women in Afghanistan, women went activist broke the tradition and shouldered Farkhunda’s dead body to its final destination.

Justice Urged

The Ulema Council of Kabul city called a meeting immediately after the incident to deliberate on the various aspects of the vicious crime committed in the bright day light.

The council has urged the government not to spare the criminals and also take action against fake spiritual Mullas who have set-up shops on the roadside and around various shrines and entice youngsters to consult them for the resolution of their problems.

Maulvi Abdul Basir Haqqani, head of the Kabul Ulema Council, told OnIslam that ‘an intensive campaign would be run to make sure their demands are met and the victim’s family sees justice delivered.’

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Muhammad Ashraf Ghani has tasked a 12-member commission comprising upon justice and religious affairs experts to investigate the matter.

“The heinous attack has no place in a country like ours. We are not going to allow mob justice,” Ghani said.

Security agencies have arrested 11 suspects in connection with the mob-killing while the investigation continues. Some 13 police officials have been suspended for negligence by the Ministry of Interior.

As Dr. Himmat suggest, the best way to stop such crimes from happening again would be to ensure that the citizen get a feeling of that the law is being equally enforced in the society.

“The trauma of decades have shattered people’s faith in the system hence they take law into their hands and discharge their negative energy in a way that gives birth to the incident like this one,” he noted. (T/P011/P3)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)