A Total of 23 Countries Exhibit Books at IIBF 2017

Ftoto: IIBF photo

Jakarta, MINA – A total of 23 countries exhibit their books at the Indonesia Irnational Book Fair (IIBF) 2017 held on 6-10 September 2017 at the Assembly Hall Jakarta Convention Center.

“There are 17 countries with publishers opening their own stands, while a number of publishers from several countries are joining the Union Book booth,” said IIBF Secretary Melvi to Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) in Jakarta, Saturday (9/8).

Melvi explained the 17 particioating countries are Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Netherlands, Bosnia, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Englan

“While the countries that only participate as a buyer are Pakistan and Vietnam. Those who join the Union Book are America, and Australia, “he explained.


These countries, said Melvi, who also manage Domestic Exhibition Section at IKAPI, are not only participants, but others have their own interests in this IIBF event. “There is a country that deliberately come to work with IKAPI.”

The number of participants has increased this year compared to the previous year, according to Melvi. In 2016, only 15 countries participated in the book fair that first held in 1980.

“We provide 122 booths, 80% earmarked for domestic participants, 20% for overseas participants,” he added.

Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) is an exhibition of books with a long history. IKAPI started this activity 37 years ago and it still stays as an annual cultural event involving aspects of business and intellectuality.

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IIBF is also a place to showcase the wealth and blend of culture, promotion and cultural diplomacy that makes Indonesia present in the world cultural arts event, Europalia.

The Directorate of Culture of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture makes IIBF a place to inform and display the best works of the sons of the nation to be displayed in the Europalia event.

As a cultural event and as well as book exhibitions in various countries, IIBF also features. other cultural and creative products – music, movies, animations, fashion, culinary, etc.- and will continue to be involved in this event.

Book exhibitions, at one time, could be the namesake for creative multiproduct exhibitions., So IIBF is not just a book fair; it’s a book affair. (L/R04/RS5)

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Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)