Truce Negotiations Between Hamas and Israel Reach Dead End

Gaza, MINA – According to the Hebrew newspaper, Maariv, today, the truce negotiations between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, brokered by Egypt, reached a dead end after nearly a month and a half of Egyptian attempts to persuade the two sides to back down from their positions of escalation.

The Hebrew newspaper said that the Israeli occupation government requires linking the reconstruction file to the file of the captured soldiers in Gaza, and in return, the Hamas leadership adheres to its position on separating the both files.

It quoted a high-ranking security official, saying, “The gaps between Israel and Hamas are very large, which complicates the negotiations and puts the Egyptian mediation in front of a great challenge, and what further complicates the matter is the renewed launching of incendiary balloons and the subsequent Israeli response by bombing targets in Gaza.”

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As a result, the assessments of the Israeli position indicate that the state of tension will continue for the coming days unless there is real progress in the negotiations, according to “Maariv”.

She also noted that the Israeli security services are maintaining preparations to deal with several scenarios, the most important of which is the possibility of renewed rocket fire from Gaza towards the Israeli settlements.

For his part, Israeli Army Radio journalist Doron Kadosh said, “If Hamas wants to use the incendiary balloons as a message to obtain facilities, it is an inappropriate method. And unless there is calm and the balloons are stopped, there will be no additional facilities. Rather, the government may cancel some of the facilities that it has recently approved.” (L-K-G/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)