Palestinian Resistance Forces Israeli Occupation to change Flags March in Jerusalem, Hamas says

Gaza, MINA – The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that the Palestinian resistance forced the occupation to change the so-called Israeli Flags March, and also forced it to change the flight path and intensify the deployment of the Israeli Iron Dome.

According to MINA’s contributor in Gaza, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated that the resistance succeeded in achieving at state of deterrence equation and imposing new rules of engagement with the Israeli occupation, stressing that the Palestinian resistance will remain the protective shield for the Palestinian people. He added that the behavior of the Israeli occupation on the ground will determine the nature of dealing with it.

Confrontations erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces in Jerusalem, various areas of the West Bank and Gaza with the launch of the Israeli “Flags March”, near the Old City, amid a great security alert.

5,000 Israeli demonstrators participated in the Flags March, surrounded by 2,500 Israeli policemen. On the other side, the flight take-off and landing route at Tel Aviv airport had been changed.

The Minister of Internal Security in the new government approved the organization of the march that headed to the Bab al-Amud area, in the first test of this government, which former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to bring down.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the Israeli army will increase the deployment of Iron Dome batteries, preparing for possible renewed rocket fire from the Gaza Strip in response to the Israeli march of flags.

In response, angry marches took place in various parts of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, denouncing the Israeli Flags March, in response to the call of the Palestinian factions, which warned against harming Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque by the barbaric Israeli settlers.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced that 27 people were injured in confrontations with Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem, and 8 other were arrested.

For its part, Jordan condemned the permission of the Israeli occupation government for extremist Jews to carry out the provocative march in Jerusalem, as well as the Israeli forces’ attacks on Jerusalemites in the Bab al-Amud area, in the Old City and in various areas in the occupied Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The official spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Daifullah Al-Fayez, said that the Israeli permission of launching the extremist and racist march as well as attacking Jerusalemites by Israeli policemen, preventing them from entering the Old City and restricting them, are unacceptable and incompatible with all international and regional efforts to establish a state of peace in the area and reduce escalation and violence.

On Tuesday June 14, 2021, incendiary balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip in response to the Israeli government’s decision to allow a provocative extremist right-wing flags march to proceed in the occupied Jerusalem.

As a result of launching incendiary balloons, Israel has launched several airstrikes on the Gaza Strip for a second time since a shaky ceasefire  ended last month’s 11-day war. They targeted many sites belonging to the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The United Nations envoy to the Middle East, Tor Wencesland, previously wrote on Twitter that “tension is escalating again in Jerusalem in a very fragile and sensitive security and political situation, while the United Nations and Egypt are working actively to stabilize the calm in the area.”

He urged all parties to act responsibly and avoid any provocations that might lead to another military confrontation.

Israel and the Palestinian resistance had reached an unconditional ceasefire agreement, after 11 days of the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip last month, and the resistance responded with hundreds of missiles that targeted Israeli towns in response to the violations of the occupation against the people and holy places of the occupied Jerusalem. (A/MS/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)