Photo : Rina Asrina/MINA
Photo : Rina Asrina/MINA

By Septia Eka Putri/Journalist Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

Before we realize it, another month of Ramadan is now present before us. The author believes, every Muslim has done their preparations, requirements and targets during Ramadan will written, be it on paper taped to the wall, in a note on mobilephones, or anywhere to be rememberd and executed.

Speaking of Ramadan, of course everyone has their own challenges? As a Muslimah journalist, for example, she should be able to keep her hijab well while reporting, managing and maintaining the heart, lowering her gaze, be patient, maintaining her speech and certainly she must be sincere. Again, the challenge for a Muslimah journalist is when doing field coverage. It is almost possible sometimes when she meets people on the street who speak harshly, and she has to face the commotion everywhere, ah … a lot of it feels challenging to for a Muslimah journalist while reporting, especially when her resource persons interviewed have a different nature, a different character and way of thinking.

The key is to be a lot of patience, patience, and patience.

In this paper, the author will share tips on what a Muslimah journalist should do in performing her worship during the holy month of Ramadan.

The following tips should be considered for a Muslimah journalist.

First, Sincerity

Sincerity would be the first point for a Muslimah journalist in the face of life’s challenges, both within and outside environment. If we are sincere, then its positive effect is that we will not feel tired or exhausted. So that will make us more healthy, why? The opposit of sincerity is emotion or anger. When we get angry when running the command for reporting, for example, then there will be prolonged fatigue. So, sincere heart is the key, especially when you’re doing reporting on the field or to meet resource persons to be interviewed.


Second, Keeping the Faith/Iman

Every Muslim must build their fasting on faith in Allah SWT in order to expect His blessing, rather than in the contrary, for example because they want to be praised or just because part of the family and the community are fasting.

14 centuries ago, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wasallam has said, “Anyone who fasted Ramadan because of faith and expecting reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven.”

A Muslimah should really maintain and manage her faith and heart. Therefore, wherever she is, including when reporting, a Muslimah journalist should really be able to keep the faith and heart or Iman.

Third, maintain Hijab

For a Muslimah journalist or reporter, this is certainly very important. How to dress nicely and according to the Shari’a certainly must be considered, not only during fasting, but also in everyday life and outside of Ramadan, the hijab is very important, because it determines the limits of a Muslimah’s devotion/taqwa to Allah SWT. Wearing the hijab in accordance with Shari’a is evidence of devotion to Allah SWT Almighty.

Fourth, Keeping the Body of Things Forbidden by Allah

Keep limbs from actions that Allah has forbidden them are spoken. Yes, keep spoken are essential for a Muslimah journalist in particular and the Muslims in general. Maintain good speech becomes very important especially when we run the worship of the holy month of Ramadan this. Do not let reporting time of a Muslimah journalist used in backbiting. Usually, if women met, of course there will be plenty stories to share that consciously or unconsciously fall to backbiting.


In addition to maintaining speech  from lies and backbiting, a Muslimah journalist should also be able to keep her eyes from seeing things that are forbidden by Allah SWT. Such as subjecting the views while viewing the opposite sex who is not mahram either directly or indirectly. Including keeping sight of the pictures or movies that are forbidden to see her. Members of other bodies also must be protected from things that are forbidden of Allah SWT are the ears, hands, legs and other limbs.

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wasallam said, “Who does not abandon false words and deeds then Allah SWT does not care if he left the eating and drinking.”

Fifth, Patience

This is certainly needed for a Muslimah journalist, because the challenge during Ramadan is very much indeed, especially when you have discussions with friends, conduct it with good communication and not to offend one another.

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wasallam said in the hadith of Abu Hurairah, “Fasting is a shield, so if one of you were fasting he should not say dirty and do not fight with a raised voice. If he was heckled and abused, then say I am fasting. ”

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From the hadith we can practice keeping our conversation only on compulsory subject. If someone is used to refrain from replying to the ugliness then of course she would be able to stay away from insulting people and perform other ugliness.

Indeed fasting will train and encourage a Muslim or a Muslimah to be noble and train themselves to become a figure who are used to prioritize the obedience to Allah SWT. But getting such results will not be obtained except by fasting while practicing the few tips above.

Formidable and devoted muslimah, Insha Allah, will be able to practice what the author described above, including the author who also insha’Allah practice what is written. Fasting is like wearing a shirt. The shirt that you wear should always be clean from dirt and other things that could damage its beauty.

Similarly, people who practice fasting will not get the fruit and lesson except by keeping away from things that can reduce or even eliminate the reward.

For Muslimah, heart, hijab and good speech is very important, especially so for a journalist, reporter Muslimah. Let’s keep our gaze, O Muslimah, a job is a test for us all, in this sacred month, let us strengthen the heart, help each other, seek forgiveness, because life is not always in the world, we will get back to Allah SWT. Good luck .. !!

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)


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