The Urgency of Muslim Unity

By: Ali Farkhan Tsani, Journalist of MINA News Agency

The most important characteristic of us as Muslims is that we are one people.

Allah reminds us in the Quran:

وَاِنَّ هٰذِهٖٓ اُمَّتُكُمْ اُمَّةً وَّاحِدَةً وَّاَنَا۠ رَبُّكُمْ فَاتَّقُوْنِ

Meaning: “And indeed, this (religion of monotheism) is your religion, one religion and I am your Lord, so fear Me.” (Surah al-Mu’minun/23: 52).

In this verse, Allah explains that the religion of the prophets and messengers of Allah is one religion, namely the religion of monotheism, al-Islam, which worships Allah in oneness and has no partners with Him.

In the Tafsir Al-Quran the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia explains, although the Shari’a and regulations brought by the Prophets and Apostles differed according to the time and place where they were sent but regarding the basis of monotheism there is not the slightest difference between them.

Therefore, Allah emphasizes in this verse that He is the Lord of the Universe, all humans should worship and fear Him alone and never associate partners with anyone and anything.

In another verse Allah says:

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَا مِنْ قَبْلِكَ مِنْ رَسُولٍ إِلَّا نُوحِي إِلَيْهِ أَنَّهُ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنَا فَاعْبُدُونِ

Meaning: “We did not send a messenger before you but We revealed to him: “There is no god (right) but Me, so worship all of you of Me.” (Surah al-Anbiya/21:25).

Allah also mentions in another verse:

وَوَصَّى بِهَا إِبْرَاهِيمُ بَنِيهِ وَيَعْقُوبُ يَابَنِيَّ إِنَّ اللَّهَ اصْطَفَى لَكُمُ الدِّينَ فَلَا تَمُوتُنَّ إِلَّا وَأَنْتُمْ مُسْلِمُونَ

Meaning: “And Ibrahim has willed the words to his children, as well as Ya’qub. (Ibrahim said): “O my children! Verily Allah has chosen this religion for you, so do not die except in embracing Islam.” (Surah al-Baqarah/2: 132).

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said in his saying:

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam emphasized that the religion of the prophets was the same,

الْأَنْبِيَاءُ إِخْوَةٌ لِعَلَّاتٍ ، أُمَّهَاتُهُمْ شَتَّى وَدِينُهُمْ وَاحِدٌ

Meaning: The Prophets are like brothers and sisters. Their mothers are different, but their religion is one.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

We are all believers wherever we are, who both worship the One God, are one community that cannot be separated.

Therefore, Muslims in Europe, Muslims in Africa, Muslims in Asia, Muslims in America, Muslims in Australia, are all one people. They all believe in one God, are oriented towards one Kaaba, follow one book, the Quran, and have one prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam.

So, when one Muslim community is oppressed, oppressed and persecuted, it is an obligation for other Muslims to defend him, help him and free him from the shackles of that injustice. This is because Muslims are one people, kal jasadil wahid.

Therefore, the Rohingya Muslims, the Muslims in India, the Muslims in China, are also Muslims whom we must unite and become brothers with with the permission of Allah Ta’ala.

Our unity as believers is the most important force factor in life. It is through this union that we gain glory, and it is through this union that we can achieve the goal of the struggle, and it is through this union that we can live a safe and peaceful life.

It is also with the unity of the Muslims that we become a people who are fearless and fearless against enemies who want to weaken us.

The unity of Muslims or in religion called living in congregation, is clearly and clearly obligatory by Allah in the Qur’an, including in Surah Ali Imran verse 103 which states:

وَاعْتَصِمُوْا بِحَبْلِ اللّٰهِ جَمِيْعًا وَّلَا تَفَرَّقُوْا ۖوَاذْكُرُوْا نِعْمَتَ اللّٰهِ عَلَيْكُمْ اِذْ كُنْتُمْ اَعْدَاۤءً فَاَلَّفَ بَيْنَ قُلُوْبِكُمْ فَاَصْبَحْتُمْ بِنِعْمَتِهٖٓ اِخْوَانًاۚ وَكُنْتُمْ عَلٰى شَفَا حُفْرَةٍ مِّنَ النَّارِ فَاَنْقَذَكُمْ مِّنْهَا ۗ كَذٰلِكَ يُبَيِّنُ اللّٰهُ لَكُمْ اٰيٰتِهٖ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَهْتَدُوْنَ

Meaning: “And all of you hold fast to the rope (religion) of Allah in congregation and do not be divided, and remember Allah’s favors upon you when you were enemies (in the time of ignorance), then Allah united your hearts, so that by His grace you became brothers, while (at that time) you were on the edge of the abyss of hell, then Allah saved you from there. Thus, Allah explains His verses to you so that you may be guided.” (Surah Ali Imran/3:103).

Regarding the verse, in Tafsir Al-Baghawi it is explained that this verse talks about the urgency of unity. In his interpretation, he took an explanation from the companion of the Prophet, Ibn Mas’ud Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu who outlined the obligation to unite and maintain cohesiveness (jama’ah) which is a matter that is emphasized in Islamic law.

Ibn Mas’ud said, “حبل الله الجماعة” means the rope of Allah is in congregation. He further explained that it is obligatory for you to be in congregation, because the congregation is the rope of Allah by which Allah conveys His commands. Indeed, something that you hate in the congregation but remains in obedience is better than something that you hate in a state of division.

Let us not tire of growing awareness among Muslims, that we are one ummah, one brother and one body member who cannot be separated from one another.

For us Muslims who crave the pleasures of heaven, there is none other than the way to be taken in congregation, bil jama’ah.

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam emphasized in his saying:

ادَ الْجَنَّةِ لْيَلْزَمِ الْجَمَاعَةَ، الشَّيْطَانَ الْوَاحِدِ الإِثْنَيْنِ

Meaning: “Whoever of you wants to live in the middle of heaven, then let him hold fast to Al-Jama’ah, because Satan is with one (alone) and he is from two people, with more.” (HR At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Al-Hakim).

May Allah bless us Muslims with community life. Amen. (AK/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)