The Importance of Scientic Studies to Deal With Crimes of Zionists

International Al-Quds Ambassador, Dr. Lili Sholehuddin (photo: MINA)

Al-Muhajirun, MINA – International Al-Quds Ambassador, Dr. Lili Sholehuddin stressed the importance of studying science to deal with the crimes of the Zionists in colonizing Palestine and dividing the Muslims.

He conveyed this at the Daurah Al-Quds event for students of the Shuffah Hizbullah Islamic Boarding School and Al-Fatah Muhajirun Madrasah, Negararatu, Natar, South Lampung, which was held at the An-Nubuwwah Mosque in the pesantren complex on Friday night.

“Zionists through their protocols are indeed trying to rule the world with their evil characteristics,” he said

He explained that at least the Daurah participants could know the important points of the Zionist Protocol, including the nature of cunning, monopoly, chaos, underground movements, using satanic teachings that like to create riots, divide people, and take things for granted a people.

For this reason, he stressed the need for knowledge and understanding for students about this, and having concrete actions that are able to arouse the enthusiasm of Muslims.

“We have to fight the Jewish Zionists by understanding the protocols they made, while also having real action against the Zionists and real action in the revival of Muslims,” ​​he said.

“The real actions that must be carried out by the students include seeking knowledge, including knowledge about Al-Quds, and understanding the Islamic religion well, in addition to other solidarity actions,” said Sholehuddin, who is also a lecturer at the Al-Qur’an College of Science of Abdullah Bin Mas’ud Lampung.

Daurah Al-Quds which is a series of activities from the 2022 Palestine Solidarity Month (BSP) filled by Al-Quds alumni of Daurah Al-Quds Yemen 2009, namely Dr. Lili Sholehuddin, M.Pd.I., Ustadz Ali Farkhan Tsani, and Ustadzah Heni Nurhasanah.

Al-Quds Daurah for Santri Al-Fatah lasts two days, Friday-Saturday, 11-12 November 2022, with several materials: Al-Aqsa in review of the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith, History of Ancient Palestine to the Occupation Period, Getting to know the Zionist Protocol /Jews, The Role of Santri in the Liberation of Al-Aqsa and the independence of Palestine, and Writing Guidance for Al-Aqsa. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)