Saudi Arabia Asks Muslims To Wait For Clarity Regarding Hajj

Riyadh, MINA – Saudi Arabia urged Muslims to wait for clarity related to the implementation of the pilgrimage amid a coronavirus outbreak. Until now, Saudi Arabia is still focused on exerting all efforts to fight the virus.

The Saudis ask Muslims to wait until there is more clarity about the coronavirus pandemic before planning to perform Hajj.

“Saudi Arabia is fully prepared to serve pilgrims and Umrah, but in the current situation, because we are talking about a global pandemic, the Saudis want to protect the health of Muslims and citizens and therefore we have asked our brothers, Muslims in all countries to wait before committing contract (hajj) until the situation is clear, ” said Saudi Arabia’s Hajj and Umrah minister Muhammad Salih bin Taher Benten as quoted from Saudi Gazette on Wednesday.

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Saudi has decided to extend the suspension of all domestic and international flights and attendance at work until further notice.

“The government will extend the suspension of workplace attendance at all government agencies, except those under the excluded sector,” the Interior Ministry statement said.

In the private sector, all workplace attendance has been suspended until further notice. According to the report, internal travel inside Arabia, including flights, buses, taxis and train activities, has also been suspended indefinitely, in an effort to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia has taken several steps to combat the spread of Covid-19 since the outbreak first began this year. Only four deaths have been recorded so far in Saudi. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)