Rti’s Delegation Touched by MINA News Journalist’s Attitude While Covering Also Providing Humanitarian Assistance

Jakarta, MINA – Radio Taiwan International (Rti) delegation led by Chairperson Ms. Cheryl Lai was amazed and touched by the attitude of journalists at the MINA News Agency, who, while covering news in disaster areas, also provided humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Chairperson Ms. Cheryl Lai said that this attitude is a very extraordinary thing, because it requires special training and guidance in responding to the conditions being faced by journalists who are in a situation of disaster or war.

“In addition to reporting, the MINA News Agency also works with MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee), which also provides humanitarian assistance to those in need. This deserves high appreciation,” said Cheryl Lai while leading the visit of the Rti delegation to the MINA News Agency located at the MER-C Building, Central Jakarta on Monday.

The journalists who will be sent to the location of their coverage will also receive special training in providing assistance to disaster victims, including CPR and brief wound dressings in urgent situations.

“Reporters in Taiwan will usually only be trained to be reporting from a third-person point of view, so that news coverage can be more neutral, but MINA, which is working with MER-C, is also able to provide assistance to victims in urgent conditions, this It also increases the value and degree of an existing journalist or journalists,” he said.

The visit of the Rti delegation led by Chairperson Cheryl Lai was part of a series of Rti’s visits to Indonesia since Friday with the peak of activities holding listener meetings in Pontianak, West Kalimantan and Central Jakarta.

Rti’s first visit to MINA News Agency, where the Rti delegation was led directly by Chairperson Cheryl Lai, accompanied by Rti board member Chang Cheng-yang, international language department manager Carlson Wong, senior consultant Tony Thamsir, Indonesian language coordinator Farini Anwar, journalist Lin Yung-ching and Indonesian Rti announcer Amina Tjandra, apart from that the Main Secretary of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) Morgan Yang was also present.

During this visit, Radio Taiwan International also signed a Cooperation Letter of Intent (LoI) with the MINA News Agency.

The signing was carried out by the General Leader of the MINA News Agency, Arief Rahman and Chairperson Rti, Cheryl Lai.

In his remarks, General Leader of the MINA News Agency Arief Rahman said he hoped that the cooperation with the non-profit radio owned by the Taiwanese government could bring closer relations between Indonesia and Taiwan, and could further disseminate information about the two through the two media.

When exchanging views and information, the MINA News Agency also explained about the humanitarian aid team which was also carried out in various coverage locations.

Disaster and Humanity Special Program

After learning about MINA’s existence and existing tasks, the visit, which was also a place for signing the cooperation between Rti and MINA, gave an impression that is difficult to express in words.

With regard to the cooperative relationship established between Rti and MINA, officially various types of exchange of information and news between the two parties began to take place.

Cheryl Lai also hopes that with this collaboration, Rti, who continues to voice peace amidst the turbulent conditions currently being faced by the world, can also become part of the world and be able to provide balance in various existing news coverage.

Meanwhile, senior consultant at the Rti International Language Division Tony Thamsir said, with this LoI, it is hoped that various forms of cooperation between Rti and MINA can be realized.

“Information that is correct, fair and transparent will be able to advance the development of society. If possible, I think programs such as special visual coverage, live together for an event or maybe also in the humanitarian field like what MINA has done,” said Tony.

According to him, this is because Taiwan is also prone to earthquakes and typhoons. While the number of Indonesian citizens in Taiwan has reached more than 300 thousand people, this is a sign that behind them there are 300 thousand families in the country who want to know the condition in question.

“So, the function of signing this LoI will be immediately apparent, because everyone needs it,” he concluded.

Apart from conveying the latest information about Taiwan through SW wave broadcasts, RTISI also continues to innovate using internet and social media services to expand its reach, for example through Facebook, mobile applications and podcasts.

Meanwhile, the MINA News Agency, which was founded in 2012, is a general news agency based on Islamic values ​​which is rahmatan lil alaamiin (grace to the universe) and broadcasts news in three languages, namely Indonesian, Arabic and English.

The MINA News Agency (Mi’raj News Agency) was founded by three institutions, namely the Al-Fatah Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Network, the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) and Radio Silaturahim (RASIL).

Most of MINA’s journalists already have a Journalist Competency Test (UKW) certificate from the Press Council, and have covered in various countries such as in Turkiye, the United States, Australia, Nepal, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Malaysia and Taiwan, as well as areas prone to disasters and conflicts. .

Also present were MINA leaders, namely senior editor Ali Farkhan Tsani, editorial secretary Widi Kusnadi, chief of coverage Rana Setiawan, chief editor of Arabic (International Desk) Rifa B Arifin, and photographer Abdullah. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)