Propeth Muhammad Teach Us to Glorify Corpse, Whoever

Islam recommends people to attend the funeral, whether relatives, friends, acquaintances, especially if the deceased is a family member.

Propeth Muhammad asserted that delivering and carrying a corpse and attending a funeral is one of five Muslim rights over other Muslims.

The five rights include answering greetings, visiting sick people, fulfilling invitations, praying for people who sneeze and attending funerals.

Broadly, speaking in glorifying the bodies, the Prophet Muhammad has provided detailed instructions. Starting from visiting the family home left behind, advising the family left with patience, participate in praying the body, participate in accompanying the body to the cemetery, and pray for him.

Not only the relatives of the deceased, the guidance to respect the body was also intended for the people around, namely those who passed the procession of the corpse. The Prophet requested that the people join in respecting the body.

The Prophet said, “If you see the body, then stand up, whoever follows does not sit until the body is laid.” Also attending the funeral, and staying until the deceased person is buried, will be worth a great reward. This was elaborated by the Prophet to be a guide for the people.

“Whoever attends the funeral so that the body prayer is held will receive the reward of one qirat, and whoever attends the funeral and remains until the body is buried, he will receive the reward of two qirat.” (Muttafaq’alaih) two big mountains.

The Prophet did not forget to suggest that after the funeral, a person should pray and ask for forgiveness for the person who died. This is what the Prophet (PBUH) always carried out and at the same time instructed his friends to.

Ustman bin Affan related, “When the Prophet completed the burial of the deceased, he would stand on it and say,” Ask forgiveness for your brother and ask him to have the ability to answer questions from angels, because even today he is asked by angels. ”

What is the wisdom of the practice? Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Hasyimi, in his book The Ideal Muslim, explained that the suggestion of attending the funeral was useful to strengthen the bond of brotherhood and deepen the sense of loyalty between them.

Through this participation, he continued the families left behind will also feel comfortable, comforted, and helped in the face of losing their family members patiently and sincerely.

Further disclosed, attending the funeral is an indication of understanding of social life in all its dimensions. Life, according to him, is not just a matter of happy and happy events.

“But he is also joy and sadness, pleasure and sorrow, ease and difficulty, laughter and tears,” he said. (T/RE1)

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