Precious Metal Investment with Paydinar Application

soft Launching of Paydinar (photo MINA)

Cilegon, MINA – The Dinar-based precious metal investment application is back in Indonesia. PT Visi Emas Indonesia held a soft launching of an application called Paydinar (pay in dinars) on Sunday in Cilegon, Banten.

Paydinar CEO Deni Ardianto said the Paydinar is an application for saving, digital gold buying and selling transactions that are connected to banks and have an ewallet like modern applications today.

“In Paydinar, anyone can buy and sell dinars with any nominal amount of rupiah, at least IDR 10,000. The money transferred to the Paydinar application will be converted in real time into dinars, “he said.

Deni continued, Every time users make transactions on paydinar or shop at merchants that are members of the Paydinar network, such as paying for electricity, topping up credit, airplane tickets and others, all are paid in dinars.

Every day Dinar in the Paydinar application will experience ups and downs according to the ups and downs of world gold prices.

On the other hand, President Commissioner Paydinar Endang Sudrajat added, Paydinar’s presence in the community is to make it easier for people to buy Dinar

“Simply download the Paydinar application, ladies and gentlemen, can easily buy dinars in the application,” he said.

Currently, Paydinar has only minted dinar coins with 1 dinar denominations. Users can physically take these coins if their savings in the application have reached the value of 1 dinar which is equivalent to 4.2 grams of gold.

He believed with all the easy access that Paydinar prepared, it would slowly make Muslims return to the Dinar, because Dinar was gold-based, not easily affected by inflation.

Also attending the event were Imaamul Muslimin Yakhsyaallah Mansur, representatives from the Banten Provincial DPD and DPRD as well as leaders from institutions and foundations, PT MINA News Agency, BMT Amanah Syariah, Aqsha Working Group, Ukhuwah Al-Fatah Rescue. (T/RE1)

Miraj News Agency (MINA)