Dinar is Important for Stabilization of the Country’s Economy

Bogor Regency, MINA – Imaam Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur said that the use of dinars and dirhams are very important for the stability of a country’s economy.

“Whoever controls the dinar and dirham will rule the world,” said Imaam Yaksyallah in a seminar on Paydinar, initiated by Maktab Aam together with PayDinar on Tuesday (June 23), at the Muhyiddin Hamidy Auditorium, Ponpes Al-Fatah Complex, Cileungsi, Bogor Regency.

Imaam Yakhsyallah explained the problem of this dinar is in the Quran, so it becomes very important because it is not possible to discuss a problem in the Quran unless it is very important.

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“When viewed from the perspective of the Quran, it must be very important,” he concluded.

Present at the Paydinar Managing Director Seminar, Deni Ardiyanto, and President Commissioner, Endang Sudrajat.

Deni Ardiyanto explained Paydinar is an online application for buying and selling gold Dinars, savings, shopping, donations, and buying and selling goods with Dinar.

He explained as an application for buying and selling gold Dinar transactions, Paydinar has an easy service for transactions, sending coins, buying credits, paying bills, shopping, and donations.

“Transactions at Paydinar are safer, equipped with the most advanced and trusted security systems. Paydinar also guarantees 100% security with a money back guarantee, “said Deni.

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Gold dinar and silver dirham are the means of exchange that are recommended for their use in bermuamalat by the Prophet sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam.

In the golden age of Islam, the dinar dirham was used as money (money) not only as a currency which had no intrinsic value.

In addition to precious metals in the form of gold bars, the community has also begun to recognize the dinar and dirham as an alternative investment instrument.

Dinars are usually in the form of gold metal chips, while dirhams are made of silver.

Referring to the gold dinar and dirham sites, it is known as the most stable and sharia-compliant official trading tool for centuries. Besides that, it can also be used for payment of zakat, investment tools or deposits, and dowry.

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Based on Islamic Sharia law, the dinar is pure gold which weighs 1 mitsqal or the equivalent of 1/7 troy ounce, while the dirham, based on the provisions of the Open Mithqal Standard (OMS), has a pure silver content weighing 1/10 troy ounce. (T/RE1)

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