Palestinians Mourn Palestinian Officer, Murdered by Israeli Fire in Jenin

Jenin, MINA – Thousands of Palestinians in Jenin governorate attended funeral of the martyr, Tayseer Issa, 33, Captain in Palestinian Military Intelligence, who was murdered while defending the city against the storming of the occupation forces and undercover policemen at dawn on Thursday.

According to MINA’s correspondent in Gaza, Palestinians in the funeral carried the body of the martyr on their shoulders, wrapped in the Palestinian flag, and roamed the streets of Jenin to his hometown in the village of Sanur, where his family, friends and relatives bid him farewell in grief and sorrow.

The participants chanted angry slogans denouncing the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people, and calling for national unity to confront them.

It is worth noting that the martyr Tayseer has been married for a year, and his wife is pregnant. In the coming days, she will give birth to her child, who will be denied from seeing his father forever because of the Israeli occupation.

Mass strike and mourning took place in the city of Jenin, at the invitation of the factions that mourned the three martyrs: Adham Alawi, Taysir Issa, and Jamil Al-Amouri, who was murdered with the bullets of “undercover” soldiers of the Israeli occupation at dawn Thursday.

The factions said that the blood of the Palestinian martyrs will not be wasted and the occupation will pay the price for it. They added that the Palestinian resistance will work to confront the occupation and stop the crimes against the Palestinian people, and they confirm that the defense of our land will not stop. (L/MS/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)