Palestinian Boy, Qawasmi Wins Gold Medal at Kung Fu Championship in Hebron

Photo: Makalah Safa

Hebron, MINA – Palestinian boy, Muhammad Maher Al-Qawasmi (10) won a gold medal at the kung fu gym at the Hama Al-Ibrahimi Mosque compound in Hebron in the city’s first Kung Fu championship.

International coach Tawfiq Ghanem organized the Kung Fu Wushu Federation Protector Championship, on the anniversary of the late Yasser Arafat’s martyrdom. Thus, It was quoted from Wakalah Safa on Thursday.

Al-Qawasmi participated in a team of 18 players from the Social Youth Center at the Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem, category 10 years and over.

The Camp Shuafat Youth Center team won 11 gold medals, 6 silver and second place south and Jerusalem tiers, as well as a shield of honor for coach Sherif Harb.

Ten clubs from various regions, particularly Jerusalem and the South, participated in the tournament, with an average of 120 players, under the supervision of the President of the Kung Fu Federation, Tariq Khalifa.

Sherif Hroub, Qawasmi’s coach, said, “He was distinguished by his ability to perform moves, his courage and following instructions, which allowed him to win the gold medal despite the intense competition, by three rounds.”

He explained that this was Muhammad’s first time participating in the championship, even though he had only been training for a year and a half.

Al-Hroub points out that the club includes about 90 male and female students of various ages, from 4 years to 45 years.

“I am very happy in the championship for the first time. I am happy to win the gold medal,” said Qawasmi. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)