Palestine Solidarity Month 2022, AWG Holds Speech Contest

One of the participants in the Central/National Level Speech Contest. (Photo: Screenshot of Al Jama'ah TV's YouTube channel)

Cileungsi, MINA – In the framework of the Palestinian Solidarity Month (BSP) in 2022, the Aqsa Working Group (AWG) held a speech competition at the central or national level which was held in a Hybrid manner at the Muhyiddin Hamidy Building 2nd Floor, Cileungsi, on Friday.

The Chief Executive of the 2022 BSP, Ganjar Darussalam, in his speech said that this speech competition is part of the tadrib for cadre of preachers, the participants whose average age is MTs or MA, are being recruited by their respective cottages to become candidates for preachers.

“I often get advice from the Umaro that our current needs are three that must be prepared, namely the first must be a generation of scholars, and one of them is all of you, God willing,” said Ganjar.

Second, said Ganjar, namely the Umaro generation or the generation of leaders and young people, these syubban are future leaders.

“The third is prospective entrepreneurs, managers or professionals who we can support in terms of material and funding, God willing. Those are the three things we must focus on young people,” he said.

He also thanked the Mudabir, the leaders of Islamic boarding schools, the ustaz who always maintain knowledge in tarbiyah, and of course sent their santri to participate in speech activities held by AWG to coincide with this Palestinian Solidarity Month.

In his speech, Secretary General of AWG Subhan Amier also said, hopefully from this speech competition, tomorrow (future) figure will be born as a motivator who can move Muslims to liberate Al Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

This national level speech competition was attended by participants from various regions, including Cileungsi, Lampung, Greater Jakarta, Banten, West Java, North Central Java (JTU), South Central Java (JTS), and Kalimantan.

Previously, the Aqsa Working Group (AWG) officially opened the Palestinian Solidarity Month (BSP) 2022 activity with the theme “Movement to Free Al-Aqsa and Palestine” on Tuesday night.

The BSP activity is an annual agenda initiated by AWG in order to increase public awareness to actively assist and fight for the liberation of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the independence of Palestine.

This year’s BSP consists of various competitions, Futsal competitions, photo exhibitions, Millennial Peacemaker Talkshow, Al-Quds Ambassadors Gathering Forum, Al-Aqsa Love Gowes, Workshops, and Mountain Climbing (Raising the Flag). (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)