Palestine Solidarity Day, MUI Raises Funds for the Construction of A Hospital in Hebron

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Jakarta, MINA — The MUI Commission on Foreign Relations and International Cooperation (HLNKI) held an International Seminar as well as raising funds for the construction of the Hebron Indonesian Hospital (RSIH) in the West Bank of Palestine.

The Secretary General of the MUI, Buya Amirsyah Tambunan, said that this International Solidarity Day for the Palestinian People needed to be filled with an attitude of helping one another in kindness and piety. He also hopes that Muslims will make Wasathiyah Islam the basis of their common struggle.

“Justice in whatever form we need to strive for is no exception for the Palestinian people, wasathiyatul Islam as a fundamental matter in the Quran should be the basis of our activities,” said Buya Amir when opening the activity on Wednesday at Wisma Mandiri, Jakarta.

Buya Amir advised that it was necessary to encourage solidarity to build an Indonesian hospital in Hebron, Palestine.

“MUI invites all of us to work together for RSIH and collaborate in the form of real participation in the development of Hebron Hospital,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, who was the final speaker, presented developments in Hebron, a legendary city located in the vulnerable West Bank region.

Abu Sneineh stated that although every time residents in the city face threats of eviction by the Israeli authorities, the City of Hebron continues to carry out construction.

“In this city there are schools to higher education institutes. All construction in the city must be maintained because it is always under threat of demolition by the Israeli authorities,” he explained.

However, continued Abu Sneineh, specifically for health facilities such as hospitals, clinics and the like, it is certain that they will be safe because they are humanitarian.

“All Hebron residents really hope that the humanitarian project for the construction of the Indonesian Hospital will be realized soon and they are ready to secure it,” he said.

Abu Sneineh also conveyed that the readiness of the Hebron residents was also shown by the provision of waqf land from the residents for the location of the hospital.

“They also always ask us about when the construction of the hospital will start,” he concluded.

Closing the International Seminar, Ambassador Bunyan Saptomo again reminded all Seminar participants both offline and online to invite the general public and celebrities to make donations for the construction of the Indonesian Hospital in Hebron, Palestine.

“Month of Solidarity for the Palestinian Nation is a very appropriate moment to raise humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people,” said Ambassador Bunyan.

In addition to seminars and fundraising, the activity also included the launch of a book by the MUI HLNKI Commission entitled “Wasathiyatul Islam MUI Diplomacy”.

The Chairperson of the Committee for this activity, Amirah Nahrawi, expressed her gratitude to all parties who had supported this activity.

He added, solidarity with Palestine must be real. One of them is by supporting the establishment of the Indonesian Hospital in Hebron, Palestine.

Bank Syariah Indonesia’s Senior Vice President for Islamic Ecosystems Solution, Muhammad Syukron Habibi, welcomed the seminar. He also fully supports the initiative for Palestine.

“The Palestinian issue is a multidimensional, complex issue, and we can all support the struggle of the Palestinian people in accordance with our constitution,” he said.

This event was attended by hundreds of participants in a hybrid manner. Participants come from internal MUI, representatives of Islamic organizations, scholars, intellectuals, activists, and also humanitarian organizations. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)