Palestine Condemns Violations and Crimes Committed by Illegal Israeli Settlers in West Bank

Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia H.E Zuhair Al-Shun. (Photo: MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta strongly condemns all the violations and crimes committed by illegal Israeli settlers, who attacked the Palestinian people in the West Bank last weekend.

“Strongly condemns all violations and crimes committed by settlers and their armed terrorist elements, against innocent Palestinian people in villages, towns and refugee camps throughout the West Bank,” read the official statement from the Palestinian Embassy. received by MINA on Monday.

Violations committed by illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank include shooting live bullets at innocent civilians, killing them, and burning their houses and vehicles in various areas of Palestine.

“There has been a marked escalation in the widest and worst campaign of incitement by settlers to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people, as well as chaos committed on main roads in the West Bank, as occurred recently in al-Mughayyir, Abu “Falah, Beitin, Sringan, Douma Qusra, Masaffer Yatta, al-Aghwar, and other areas where two residents were martyred and a number of others were injured by gunfire from the invaders, as well as the burning of dozens of residents’ houses and vehicles,” said the Embassy.


The attack occurred at the same time as Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip for 192 consecutive days and claimed more than 33,000 lives.

“The embassy observes that acts of terrorism committed by settlers have reached an unprecedented level under the protection of the occupying forces,” the embassy said.

“The embassy also emphasized that the armed settler militia received political encouragement, support and protection from the colonial state, Israel, which made them feel safe and free from sanctions,” he continued.

This situation, according to the Embassy, ​​adds to the record of ongoing crimes of annexation in the West Bank, worsens the situation, and hampers efforts to resolve the conflict through political channels, making it increasingly difficult to realize the opportunity for the formation of a sovereign Palestinian state.


“The embassy considers the Israeli government and the extreme right-wing coalition to be fully and directly responsible for these incitements, and believes that they have a colonialist and racist mentality who are reluctant to recognize the existence of the Palestinian people and their rights to determine their fate,” said the Embassy.

Furthermore, the Embassy also urges the international community to immediately intervene to pressure the Israeli government to stop all settlement activities, disband armed settler organizations and militias, recall their weapons, stop their funding, and impose sanctions on those who provide support and protection.

“The embassy demands the implementation of binding international sanctions against the entire unlawful and illegal colonial settlement system,” it said.

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Tensions have increased in the West Bank since Israel launched a military offensive against the Gaza Strip on October 7 last year. Israel’s attacks on Gaza have killed more than 33,700 Palestinian civilians, two-thirds of whom are children and women.

While illegal Jewish settlers stepped up their attacks, the Israeli army stepped up its operations, killing at least 463 Palestinians, wounding 4,750 and detaining more than 8,000 others in the West Bank, according to Palestinian sources. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)