Next Five Years, Indonesia to Focus on Human Resource Development

President Joko Widodo in his inauguration (photo: special)

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian President Joko Widodo in his inauguration speech before said his government in the next five years will focus on innovation and human resource development (HR), not just relying on natural resources.

“The government’s development priority in the next five years is to build dynamic and skilled human resources, ready to compete,” he said in his first speech as President of the Republic of Indonesia 2019-2024 during the MPR plenary session at parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Sunday, October 20.

Another priority delivered by President Jokowi in the next 5 years is to continue infrastructure development.

Next cut the bureaucracy. The extreme way is taken, namely by simplifying decolonization and prioritizing functional positions that will be occupied by highly capable people.

“Simplifying the bureaucracy must continue to be carried out on a massive scale. Investment in job creation must be prioritized, “Jokowi said.

Furthermore, the head of state also stated the ideals of Indonesia in 2015 were to get out of countries with a middle economy and become a developed country.

“Our dreams, our ideals in 2045 in a century that Indonesia should be independent, Lord willing, Indonesia has come out of the middle-class income trap,” Jokowi said.

“Indonesia has become a developed country with income according to calculations of Rp320 million per capita per year or Rp27 million per capita per month. That is our target. Our target is together, “he added.

President Joko Widodo also stressed his priority to simplify regulation. One of them is through the revision of two laws.

“All forms of regulatory constraints must be simplified, we must cut, we must cut,” Jokowi said in his first speech. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)