Myanmar Ambassador Expects Indonesian Hospital in Rakhine State to Inaugurated Immediately

Myanmar Ambassador to Indonesia Ei Ei Khin Aye in Jakarta received a visit from the Chairman of the MER-C Presidium Dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad, Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (Photo: MER-C)

Jakarta, MINA – Myanmar’s Ambassador to Indonesia Ei Ei Khin Aye hopes that the Indonesian Hospital (RSI), which was built in Mrauk U, Rakhine State, can be officially opened.

It was conveyed when she received a visit from the Chairman of the Medical Emergency Rescue-Comittee (MER-C) Presidium Dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad at the Myanmar Embassy Office in Jakarta, Tuesday, March 3.

Myanmar Ambassador gave his appreciation for the arrival of the MER-C Presidium to inform the development of the RSI and expressed her gratitude for the efforts to build a hospital in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

“This is a noble thing, build a hospital which is certainly very beneficial for the people there. This is a constructive decision, “he said.

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According to him, building a hospital in the Rakhine State region requires a great effort. Especially, in the Rakhine State region, such as in Mrauk U, where the RSI is located. In the city of Minbya and its surrounding areas, there are still conflicts between the Myanmar Army and Arakan Army, the armed Buddhist group.

“We really appreciate the completion of the construction of the hospital in Rakhine State,” she added.

On this occasion, the MER-C Presidium also thanked for the access, cooperation, and opportunities that have been given by the Government of Myanmar to build the RSI.

“We thank you for the help of access and opportunities so that we can build a hospital in Rakhine State where at the outset there were many who doubted this program could be realized. But we see now this hospital has been established, “said Sarbini.

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“We are grateful to be well received by the Government and the People of Myanmar. We are happy to be part of the historical relationship between the two nations and hope that this hospital can become a symbol of unity, uniting the inner relationship between the two nations, “he added.

The Indonesian Hospital was built in collaboration with MER-C, PMI, and Walubi (Representatives of Indonesian Buddhists), a symbol of Indonesian diversity consisting of various religions.

Sarbini explained that the hospital building had been completed by MER-C in November 2019. Currently, the hospital is in the process of procuring and installing medical devices by PMI. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)